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How To Start A Café With No Money

With exponential and guaranteed growth in the affinity towards the food and entertainment sector, several hoteliers or entrepreneurs might dream of starting up their own café. The obstacle which comes in between is the investment or the capital which is required for setting up the café and starting its operations with full throttle.

The first lookout can be for purchasing an existing business

Purchasing an existing business eliminates the cost of investing in a fresh location, machinery or even inventory. It also has the benefit of gaining on existing customers and expanding on the same. Thus the risk of shutting or closing down is minimised.

The other lookout is to start afresh

Starting afresh again has two aspects:

  1. One shall deplete their savings.
  2. Small or medium business loans based on the individual’s credit score. In this case, an entrepreneur has to think about paying interest rates on the loans taken from the revenue generated or profits earned.

We shall also consider the requirement of practical knowledge for running a café. This either can be done through observations drawn from running cafés or either interning with them.

You need to gain all the relative knowledge required to startup and run a café in order to derive revenue and profits.

Working in a team along with members who are experienced in this domain may help an entrepreneur achieve his goals and gain his share while working along with them as well.

There are a few areas which require attention for setting up a café.


1. Budgeting

Budgeting shall include calculating all the costs which are necessary for setting up the cage and discarding the unnecessary cost which might evolve initially. For eliminating such overheads, it is necessary that a blueprint of the business is drawn.

There are certain guidelines which have been reported by the researchers:

The costs to be incurred in renting out a premise should not exceed exactly 15% of the sales revenue and profitability projections.

The expenses to be taken care of while considering raw materials such as milk, coffee beans or powder, chocolate syrup, etc as well as merchandise such as cakes, patisseries or muffins should not exceed approximately 40% of the sales revenue and profitability projections.

While paying wages to the workforce, care must be taken that we shall not exceed 35% of the revenue generated from the sales of the café.


2. Accounting

Also, accounting of expenditures and income is important while running a business to keep a track of the profit and loss which incurs from a business. Maintaining accounts and books of accounts is important for filing income tax returns which is approximately 35% of the operating profits of a particular business.


3. Human Resources

Having human resources in place is also quite necessary for resolving issues like that of wage payments or keeping track of attendance of the workforce or employees.


4. Inventory management system

There should be a systematic way in which the inventory and merchandise such as coffee items or patisserie items sold in the café can be tracked without any difficulty.


5. Management of the organisation

The organisational management hierarchy should be set that the café functions smoothly with the entrepreneur as well as the workforce in synchronisation.


6. Offers and marketing

There should be offers and marketing strategies through which people should get attracted towards the café and turn into frequent clients. This also is important to boost up sales and revenue of the café.


7. Vendors and suppliers

Maintaining a healthy relationship with suppliers and vendors is quite essential while running a business.


8. Client services

A particular client or customer should be serviced or catered to such as he or she might refer the café to his or her friends and put up a positive review on social media which is quite essential for the café to earn profits as well as revenue.


9. Maintaining equipment and machinery

It is also mandatory that the equipment or coffee machines or the ovens with which the cakes are baked are maintained from time to time.

Coffee making and baking experiences are essential to run a café business successfully as it requires sophistication in putting together the ingredients in the right amount to make your customers wanting to come back regularly.

Tammy Richards

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