What is a franchise loan?

Max Funding understands your dream of being your own boss, and purchasing a franchise is a logical choice for many people. Compared to setting up a new business, franchisees don’t need to worry about the business idea, name, logo, management method, operations, and marketing etc. Franchises are normally successful and mature businesses already. For start-ups, franchises are much more likely to succeed. However, the franchise fees are high, so franchisees often ask us for help via franchise loan in Australia.

Franchise finance can act as the catalyst for you to achieve your dream. As a business owner, you may be looking to open a branch elsewhere, to ensure your company’s performance is where you want it to be. Or, if you’re looking to set up a new franchise, this may be the stepping stone to your personal success. Whatever the scenario may be, Max Funding will help you find the most suitable loan for your franchise, and we are committed to providing you with the most flexible business loans tailored to franchises.

The business loan for the franchise from Max Funding

Apply for franchise loans from banks is difficult in Australia. Their loan amounts and loan terms are not flexible, and you are required to meet other strict criteria like business experience and a clean credit history. Even if franchisees meet all the requirements, the application process usually takes ages. Max Funding's franchise loans, on the other hand, are easier to qualify for.

Let's compare

Let's compare
The Banks
Loan Amount
$2,000 to $1,000,000
From $100,000
Available for All Franchises?
No Business Experience OK?
Bad Credit History OK?
Same Day Decision?

The above is only a general comparison and may not apply in specific situations.

Get your franchise finance from Max Funding today!

Max Funding has helped almost 10,000 businesses across many industries in Australia with their funding needs. Check out some of our customer stories.

Max Funding has designed an easy and fast application process for our clients because we understand the urgent need for funding for franchisees. The pre-approval form takes only seconds to complete. For us to assess your eligibility, you only need to let us know how much you need (don’t worry about the exact number - we can adjust the loan amount later), in addition to, the purpose of the loan and your brief credit history. There are no obligations for this inquiry.

When you get a pre-approval, you can give us more details, and we'll notify you shortly of our decision via email, phone or text message. We only ask clients to provide basic documents, and the accuracy of the documents will greatly affect the application process. If you’re approved, the last step is to wait for the loan to be transferred to your bank account, which usually takes place within one business day. With Max Funding, you won’t miss out on your dream business.

We understand that some people have a less-than-perfect credit history, so we still consider their applications. Instead of focusing on their past behaviour, we care more about their present and future. We want to help you make your dreams come true.

If you need a franchise loan with same day approval, or if you have a bad credit history, it is time to give Max Funding a chance. If you need more information or advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 411 411, email us at Loans@MaxFunding.com.au, or fill out the Fast Contact Form on our website and we’ll contact you ASAP. Our motto is ‘Maximise Your Business Potentials’, so contact us now and see why Max Funding is Australia’s most popular short-term lender.

Check out these franchises with incredibly low entry costs

Affordable franchises provide outstanding opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs with limited capital but plenty of drive. Here are a few low-cost franchises for sale in Australia – all of which are cheap enough to purchase with bad credit business loans from MaxFunding.

  • Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse
  • Franchise Fee: $40,000

    Capital Investment: $250,000-$400,000

    Become a franchisee of this well-known bakery outlet, and you’ll receive a shipment of fresh baked goods each day. There’s no need to do any on-site baking, and that means your overheads are significantly reduced.

  • Cappuccino Xpress
  • Franchise Fee: Included in capital investment

    Capital Investment: $85,000

    This mobile coffee franchise sees franchisees taking a van into local industrial estates and business centre in the morning, only to return by lunch. In all, you’ll end up working about 25 hours per week. The capital investment listed above is the minimum, and other investments (such as buying a van) may be required.

  • Poolwerx
  • Franchise Fee: Depends on Turnover

    Capital Investment: $150,000

    Join the world’s leading after-market swimming pool and spa retail, maintenance and service company with your own franchised branch. Franchisees receive lots training and ample ongoing support to ensure their operation remains profitable.

  • Triple O Property Maintenance
  • Franchise Fee: $38,500

    Capital Investment: Dependent upon situation

    If you have a broad base of handyman skills, this franchise could help you turn that expertise into a robust revenue stream. Franchisees receive a large territory all to themselves, and they receive in-house training to help with generating business and growing their base.

  • Muffin Break
  • Franchise Fee: Included in capital investment

    Capital Investment: $300,000

    Own your own bakery café business with a Muffin Break franchise. This company was established in 1989, and they offer full training for technical skills and financial management. Muffin Break was an early driver of the café culture seen in modern-day Australia, and they continue to thrive.

  • InXpress
  • Franchise Fee: Included in capital investment

    Capital Investment: $74,950

    This global online shipping company is growing fast. No previous experience is necessary, as InXpress provides all the training you’ll need to succeed. This franchise features low entry costs, as there is no need for employees, inventory, warehousing vans or any equipment. Once you’re established, there’s a potential for high residual income.

FAQs about Franchise Loans

Unlike the traditional bank’s minimum borrowing requirement of $100,000 for a franchise loan, Max Funding places high emphasis on its flexibility with the loan amount it offers, and allows its clients to borrow as little as $2,000 and as much as $1,000,000.
Receive instant approval after you have completed the pre-approval application form which takes only 5 minutes to complete!
Visit How To Apply, for more information.
To repay a franchise loan, simply repay the due amount over the course of your loan repayment term date with our competitive rates. If you manage to make your repayments before the end of the loan term, you save interest!
Although banks do offer loan money and funding to franchises, the process of acquiring such funding with these more traditional institutions tends to be quite tedious. Banks are known for their strict lending requirements, and often require an excessive amount of documentation from the borrower. So even though it is possible to obtain loan money from banks, franchise owners might find it easier to seek funding from a non-bank lender such as Max Funding.
Unlike traditional banks, here at Max Funding, we operate under the basis that all clients should be treated fairly and equally regardless of previous credit records. We understand that an individual’s credit history may not be fully reflective of their financial ability, and thus we offer business funding to all types of businesses such as franchises, even if they have a bad credit record.
Franchises are well known for its low-risk, high reward venture. However, because of its nature to draw immediate success upon setting up, the fees of operating and franchising a small business is very high. Here at Max Funding, we wish to help business owners all over Australia with their financial situations. We pride ourselves in our affordable rates and flexible term loans, which we believe to be an effective solution for all business owners such as those seeking to franchise a business.
What makes franchising a business so good is that there is guaranteed success upon start-up. Franchising a business comes with very minimal risk, but can yield high rewards. Additionally, opting to franchise a business instead of starting a business from scratch saves the owner a considerable amount of time. Franchises are already given a business name, logo, management method and already have marketing exposure.