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What is a second mortgage loan?

A second mortgage loan is an increasingly popular method of accessing additional capital.

This type of funding allows the lender to register the second interest on an asset that is already secured.

It is advantageous to business owners as it expands their financing options, allowing for choices that will suit their financial needs.
Second mortgage loans provide the flexibility of refinancing your existing asset with another lender and can meet your short-term needs.

Businesses requiring the loan for a short amount of time can repay the loan early and have the second mortgage interest removed.

Generally, a second mortgage is only available to those who have paid back a portion of their home loan.

Most people choose to take out a second mortgage against their property because it is a quick loan solution, most suitable for those who require urgent cash.

Second Mortgage Loans: Leveraging Property Equity for Business Growth and Financial Agility

A second mortgage loan unlocks more funds using your property's value, giving business owners a flexible finance option.

Whether for a quick boost or refinancing, it allows early repayment, saving on interest.

This is usually accessible once you've paid down some of your home loan and is a fast-track loan option, perfect for urgent financial needs.
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The Role of Second Loan Mortgages in
Empowering Homeowners

Second loan mortgages are perfect for those considered mortgage prisoners.

A mortgage prisoner is defined as “people who are unable to switch mortgages to a better deal, even if they are up to date with their payments.”

CEO Daniel Oertli added that a mortgage prisoner “is a borrower that was teetering on the limit of a particular loan-to-value (LVR) ratio, but has since breached that limit because their property has fallen in value.”

A recent survey among mortgage brokers discovered that 24% of their overall customers end up in mortgage prison, unable to use their homes as leverage.

Are you looking to leverage the equity in your property to fuel your business growth?

A second mortgage loan could be the perfect solution.

Sarah and Peter, the dynamic duo behind a thriving Brisbane cafe, found themselves in a jam when their business partner, amidst a messy divorce, had to part ways and sell their stake.

Fearing a loss of control over their beloved venture, they were determined to buy out their partner.

The catch?

Their bank threw a curveball by demanding a new ABN and income verification, leaving their ownership dreams hanging by a thread.

The cafe owners had their break when they presented their family home, which had good equity, allowing them to get a second mortgage and keep their business.

Max Funding, a trusted name in alternative financing, offers flexible and hassle-free second mortgage loans tailored to meet the diverse needs of different types of customers across Australia.

Why Get A Second Mortgage?

Better Interest Rates

Capitalising on your home’s equity may also mean that you get more favourable interest rates compared to unsecured loans like credit cards and personal loans.

Second mortgages are also usually a cheaper and easier alternative to financing. It may help avoid many fees that come with refinancing.

It is expected that the RBA’s interest rates will swell up to 4.6%, and having ready cash from your second mortgage will definitely help you ease into the swell.
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Quick Access to Business Funds

For small business owners, getting a second mortgage can give you access to funds that you can use for your business - whether for added capital, more manpower, investing in new technology, or even consolidating your business debt.

Many second mortgage clients turn to us when their existing lender has declined their application for further finance.

Many also say that even if they get approved, it takes too long for their existing lenders to process their funds.

The Downside

There are risks associated with second mortgages. That involves taking on more debt. Handling two home loans can be quite challenging.

Another challenge is that not many lenders offer second mortgages. Banks largely don’t like giving them out, but here in Max Funding, we may be able to address your unique needs.

However, the benefits considerably outweigh the risks. In an uncertain market, getting access to additional funds will go a long way.

With Max Funding, we’re keen to help you out whether you are looking to weather out the market condition, or take full advantage of it.
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Who Can Benefit From A Second Mortgage Loan?


✔ Aspiring startups

Aspiring startups are new or growing businesses in their early stages. These companies are known for their new ideas, entrepreneurial drive, and big success plans. They're busy setting up, refining their plans, attracting their first customers, and getting the funding they need to grow.
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✔ Seasoned business leaders

Experienced business leaders who have been in the industry for a significant period, gaining valuable knowledge and insights that contribute to their expertise in managing and growing businesses.
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✔ Property moguls

Property moguls are individuals or entities who have achieved significant success and wealth through investing in, owning, or developing real estate properties. They often have a substantial property portfolio and possess a strong influence in the real estate market.
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✔ Those overcoming credit challenges

Those facing and successfully managing difficulties related to their credit history or credit score are working towards improving and stabilising their financial credibility. Accelerate towards your goals with pre-approval in as little as an hour or two - because time is money, and we value both!

Second Mortgage Loans - Fact Sheet

Suitable For
  • Start-ups
  • Established business owner
  • Commercial property investors
  • Bad business credit history
Pre-approval Time 1 hour to 2 hours
Settlement Time 3 days to 5 days
Loan Term 1 month - 36 months (including term extension)
Flexible Repayment We can design a repayment plan that fits your cash flow. This can be a periodical repayment (e.g. monthly), a lump sum payment or a combination of your choosing. To ease your commitment and allow maximum flexibility, a loan term extension may be available.
Indicative Loan Amount $200,000+
Asset Eligibility Criteria Real estate property (mortgaged OK)
Financial Statement Optional
Dedicated Account Manager Yes
Tax Deductible Yes
Interest Rate Our interest rate is as low as 1.50% per month. We are very confident that our rate is one of the lowest in the market, if you do find a lower rate, let us know, and we will try to beat it.
Save Interest
  • Pay-off loan early
  • Extra repayments lower the balance
*Information provided on fact sheet is for reference only as we can tailor products to your requirement. Please contact us for further information.

We Are Trusted By Thousands of Australian Small Businesses

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We have assisted thousands of Australian businesses with millions in funding.

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We are dedicated to assisting business owners with their financial needs.

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Industries Covered

Max Funding serves all industries operating in Australia.

Why Choose Max Funding?

✔ Swift Settlement Process (3 to 5 days)

At Max Funding, we prioritise efficiency without compromising quality.

Our settlement process is designed to be swift and seamless, ensuring you can secure your financial future in just 3 to 5 days.

We understand the urgency often associated with financial matters, and we strive to minimise waiting time, providing you with the funds you need to pursue your ventures promptly.
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✔ Easy and Flexible Loans

Flexibility is at the core of our loan offerings. We believe that your financial journey should be tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Hence, we provide you with the flexibility to choose loan durations ranging from 1 to 36 months.

Moreover, we understand that plans may change or circumstances might require an extension. You have the freedom to extend the loan duration as needed, giving you the space and time to reach your goals without unnecessary pressure.

✔ Repay with Ease

Your financial comfort is our priority, and that extends to the repayment process. We offer various repayment options to suit your cash flow and preferences.

Whether you prefer periodic repayments, such as monthly instalments, or one-time lump-sum payments, we've got you covered.

Additionally, we understand that a mix of repayment styles might work best for you.

Hence, we allow a combination of payment methods that align with your financial situation and ease of repayment.

We aim to make the loan repayment process as convenient and adaptable as possible, ensuring your financial stability is not compromised.

✔ Discover Your Options

At Max Funding, we prioritise giving you choices. You can kickstart your loan journey from a minimum of $200,000 and go upwards, ensuring that the loan aligns with your financial ambitions.

This flexibility allows you to tailor the loan to meet your specific objectives, whether it's expanding your business, investing in a new project, or dealing with a financial hurdle.

✔ Eligible Assets

To make the process even more accessible, we accept real estate property as collateral for the loan.

This means that if you own a property, whether it's a home or a business premise, and it has a mortgage, you can leverage its value to secure the loan.

This opens doors for many business owners who have valuable assets but might be struggling with traditional financing avenues.
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✔ Dedicated Account Manager

We understand that navigating financial transactions can be daunting. Hence, we provide you with a dedicated Account Manager.

This individual will guide you through the process, answer your queries, and ensure that you understand the options available to you.

Having a personal point of contact ensures a smoother and more personalised experience throughout your loan journey.

✔ Tax Benefits Eligibility

One of the advantages of opting for a loan with Max Funding is the potential tax benefits it may bring.

Depending on your circumstances and the purpose of the loan, you might be eligible for tax benefits.

This can lead to significant savings and a more favourable financial position in the long run, making the loan an even more attractive option.
interest rate

✔ Reasonable and Attractive Interest Rate

We understand that the interest rate is a critical factor when choosing a loan. At Max Funding, we offer a competitive interest rate, starting at just 1.50% per month.

This rate is designed to be reasonable and attractive, minimising the financial burden on your business.

A lower interest rate translates to lower overall costs and can significantly impact the success of your venture by freeing up resources for other essential aspects of your business.

What to Expect From Max Funding

In essence, Max Funding is committed to providing a loan experience that is not only efficient but also considerate of your unique circumstances.

We aim to facilitate your financial journey, enabling you to focus on your path to success without unnecessary financial burdens.

Our swift settlement process, combined with flexible loan terms and tailored repayment options, ensures that your financial future is in safe and accommodating hands.


Max Funding is dedicated to providing you with a loan experience that is flexible, reliable, and beneficial for your business.

We aim to empower you by tailoring loan options to your specific needs, ensuring that you have a supportive and knowledgeable partner throughout the loan process.

At Max Funding, we go beyond mere transactions; we build lasting relationships. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager, ensuring a personalised experience and a reliable point of contact throughout your financial expedition.
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Trust is at the core of Max Funding's mission. We've built a reputation as a reliable support system for numerous Australian businesses, helping them secure the necessary funds to thrive.

To date, we've empowered an impressive 8,596 businesses, each driven by their unique dreams and aspirations. Our track record speaks volumes about our capabilities.

We've provided millions in funding to Australian businesses, underscoring our commitment to transforming dreams into tangible realities.

Max Funding has facilitated a staggering $142,546,168 in funding! Whether you're just starting or looking to grow, we're here to support your journey.


We recognise that running a business is akin to navigating uncharted waters. Just as ships need fuel to sail and explore new horizons, businesses require financial support.

Max Funding serves as this much-needed financial fuel, understanding that each business is distinct and may belong to one of 131 diverse industries. Regardless of your field, we're here to provide a helping hand.

When you choose Max Funding for your second mortgage loan, you're not just accessing funds; you're gaining a dedicated partner invested in your success. Together, let's embark on a journey toward a brighter future for your business, where your success is our success.
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Apply for second mortgage loans from Max Funding.

If you’re looking for a second mortgage loan, Max Funding has the solution that is tailored to your business. Max Funding is a premier provider of financing solutions for businesses at different stages, big or small, and Max Funding understands the need for a reputable and reliable second mortgage lender.

Max Funding has funded thousands of small businesses Australia-wide through our easy and straight forward online application process. Even if your property has no equity, we can still consider.

Our simple application only takes five minutes to complete - and, best of all, no credit checks are undertaken during this initial process.

Max Funding is your best private lender.

Trying to get business funding from commercial banks can be a challenge, especially when you’re just starting out, so it’s better to go to a secondary mortgage lender you can trust.

At Max Funding, we see you and your business differently, and we will consider bad credit histories because we focus on your current and future position, rather than something that occurred in the past.

With knowledge and many years of experience in the finance industry, Max Funding has assisted thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises with their financial issues.

Apply for second mortgage loans from Max Funding as a borrower or a guarantor - the application process is fast, easy and secured.

You can borrow from $3,000 to $1,000,000. Unlike banks, our repayment schedules can be flexible to fit your business. There are fewer documents required for an application. You can apply anytime, anywhere, and we will inform you by email or SMS.

Get your second mortgage loans today.

Start with our short pre-approval form. If this product isn’t right for you, we offer other solutions to assist your business financing needs, such as unsecured business loans.

Our intuitive system will provide you with a pre-approval decision within minutes, any time of the day. After you’ve been pre-approved, upload a few basic documents from your mobile or PC to verify your ownership and personal details.

Once verification has been done and the contract is signed, funds can be released to your bank account. With our fast and efficient process, you’ll never have to worry about finding the right business service provider.

You can concentrate on your business needs, whilst our team of professional lenders takes care of your funding needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly, and get your second mortgage loan today!

Application Process:

Initiating the application process for a second mortgage loan with Max Funding is a breeze.

We value your time and have streamlined our online application to be rapid and straightforward. In just a few minutes, you can set sail on your funding expedition.

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Apply Online

Complete our short pre-approval form, and we'll provide a pre-approval decision within minutes.


Document Verification

Upload essential documents for ownership and personal details verification.



Once verified, funds can be swiftly released to your bank account, supporting your business needs promptly.

FAQs about Second Mortgage

Is a Second Mortgage Loan the Same as a Caveat Loan?
No. A second mortgage loan allows for a second interest on an already secured asset, offering refinancing flexibility, while a caveat loan is secured against the property's equity value.
How Do Second Mortgage Loan Works?
A second mortgage allows the lender to register the second interest on an asset that has already been secured. It is ranked behind the first mortgage, meaning the first mortgage will be repaid before the second.
How Much Can I Borrow With a Second Mortgage?
You can borrow as little as $3,000 and as much as $1,000,000 with Max Funding's second mortgage loan, tailored to suit your business's specific financial requirements.
What Is the Difference Between a Home Equity Loan and a Second Mortgage?
A second mortgage business loan is faster than a home equity loan and has the benefit of being a tax-deductible for all the costs that are involved in the loan. Home loans on the other hand contain a longer processing time, has less flexibility, and requires more documents which makes it harder for approval due to strict government legislation.
Can I Qualify for a Second Mortgage?
You likely qualify for a second mortgage if you have a property with sufficient equity registered in your name or that of the business owner(s).
Is it better to refinance or get a second mortgage?
When deciding between refinancing or getting a second mortgage, it often makes sense to choose a second mortgage. It's faster to get approved and comes with tax benefits.

Refinancing, on the other hand, is a longer and more rigid process. With a second mortgage from Max Funding, you can make the most of your property's potential.

Our loan process is quick and flexible, tailored to help your business grow and succeed financially. Apply today and take a step towards unlocking the potential of your property.
What Are the Requirements for a Second Mortgage?
All that required from you is to simply have a property with sufficient equity, registered in the name of the business owner(s).
How Long Does It Take To Close On a Second Mortgage?
The speed will be subject to the loan amount and availability of the clients. Here at Max Funding, we value our customer’s time. With us, closing on a second mortgage can be done as quick as just 3 - 5 working days.
How long will it take for me to be approved for a second mortgage?
Here in Max Funding, closing a second mortgage can be done in just 3 -5 working days! This is usually subject to the loan amount and your availability.

We value your time, that's why we work on your application as soon as we get it!
Will this help my credit score?
We understand that navigating a business credit history can feel like traversing turbulent waters. No matter how stormy the seas may have been, we won't leave you adrift.

We believe in your future and potential, looking beyond past financial challenges and help you rebuild your credit score.

Choosing Max Funding for your second mortgage loan needs is a straightforward decision. Unlike traditional banks, which can seem as insurmountable as towering cliffs, we act as a bridge to your success.

We genuinely care about your business, whether you're a budding entrepreneur, an established player, or somewhere in between.

Second Mortgage Loans

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