What is a new business loan?

Start up business loan is straightforward and is one of the most popular product at Max Funding.

Over 80% of Australians are dreaming about owning their own business. However, the first challenge for new business owners is lack of funding. Typically business owners don't have enough business experience and cannot get loans from mainstream banks and lenders in Australia.

At Max Funding, it is much easier for new businesses to get a loan from us as we don't require a business plan, in addition, there is no credit check for our pre-approval. Apply today.

Banks not an option for start-ups

It is clear banks has turned a blind eye to start-ups. To banks, new business is in the high-risk category, hence they are much more interested in well-established businesses with 2-4 years full financial statement and proven profitability.

Getting an unsecured business loan or a business credit card is definitely out of the question for starters.

Start a business when you are on Centrelink benefits

Newstart Allowance is the primary benefit for the unemployed. This type of benefit is only designed to cater for short term unemployed difficulties. To start fresh a lot of Centrelink recipients has chosen to be their own boss and for most, it’s the best decision they can ever make. With low startup cost for a lot of industry such as personal trades or service, it can’t be easier to get started.

Max Funding focus on new businesses that are overlooked by banks. Let us give you the right funding together with a flexible repayment option. Apply today.

Got bad credit record? We can still help.

As you might be aware, having a poor credit history can affect your ability to borrow. But at Max Funding, we would still like to give you a second chance. Whether you have 1 credit default, was bankrupted or have 10 defaults, apply online and get a decision instantly.

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We have assisted many Australian businesses with millions in funding.

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We are dedicated to assisting business owners with their financial needs.

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Max Funding serves all industries operating in Australia.

Fast approval for new business loans from Max Funding

If you are seeking financial help for your start up business in Australia, Max Funding is your best choice.

Timing is crucial for your start-up, and Max Funding is committed to providing the best funding option tailored to your business needs. It’s easy - start with our quick pre-approval form. It can provide you with a good indication of your eligibility in just five minutes.

  1. Fill out our online pre-approval form - it'll take only a few minutes to complete.
  2. Upload a few documents from your mobile or computer - make sure they are legible.
  3. Sit back and wait for the money to be deposited into your account, once we have done our final checks.

Funding difficulties are always very stressful for small businesses, especially for start up businesses, who don’t have the trading history and financial records to support them in getting a loan from banks in Australia.

But if you apply with Max Funding, your problems could be resolved easily. We are willing to give start-ups a chance. Instead of long waiting time, Max Funding provides same-day loans to assist you in starting your business as soon as possible. If you are interested in our services or have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Max Funding?

When looking for start up business funding, Max Funding - Australian leading business lender - can help you. With many years of experience in business lending, Max Funding can walk you through the steps for starting a business and securing the initial financing your business needs. It is essential to the success of your business for you to have enough capital to fund activities to establish an initial client base. To alleviate these issues, consider our business loan for start-up.

Max Funding has been servicing the lending market for more than eight years, and we are friendly to small sized business.

Our experts understand every aspect of your business needs. Unlike big banks, which have long processing times for loan applications, our friendly specialists will contact you at your earliest convenience.

Finding the right loan for your business is not an easy task. However, Max Funding has made it easy for you. With our suitable loan terms that suit your business needs, we’ll devise a plan that suits your small start up business. Unlike traditional banks, we consider clients with bad credit - we believe your history does not define who you are today. Apply online bad credit business loans.

With no hidden charges. Max Funding has the loan product that's right for you, whether secured or unsecured (no collateral).

3 Best ways to raise capital for your business

  • Traditional and microfinance banks
  • Traditional as well as microfinance banks can be the answer to your capital requirements. You can get the threshold amount which you require to start-up your business so you can commence earning something out of it. At times, Microfinance Banks can be more suitable to your requirements relative to traditional banks, because they require much less security on your part and are also ideal for setting up small scale businesses.

  • Work and save
  • Yet another idea to raise finance for your business is to get a job and start saving for your business. You can get down to working as a professional selling your services for the sake of making capital savings for your creative business idea. Get your Resume ready, look for jobs in your area, and apply for a dozen! It would be wise to work in the industry that you intend to setup a business into. That way, not only would you be able to get the much needed finance, but also the experience which can prove to be invaluable for carrying out your own business.

  • Take loans from individual lenders you know of
  • Yet another way to raise capital is to lend money from individual lenders whom you may be familiar with. This is because this kind of lending is less risky than lending from a Bank etc. If you have personal acquaintances with a lender or if any of your find does, then you are more likely to get the loan on soft terms. This can mean discount in the form of any of the things, such as the lender waiving your security, charging you a relatively low rate of interest, or giving you time beyond the deadline for repayment of the loan. Most certainly, you would be able to get favorable terms for the loan and the process would also involve minimal paperwork for you since the hassle of paperwork can give you a headache!

FAQs about Start-up Business Loans

The challenge for many new business owners is that they lack sufficient capital needed to fund the starting phase of their business, and typically these new business owners simply don’t have the business experience to obtain funding from mainstream banks in Australia. Max Funding caters to businesses of all sizes, and through its start-up business loan, can give start-up businesses the boost it needs that it can’t otherwise receive from traditional banks.
Unlike the mainstream lenders in Australia, Max Funding offers flexibility to its clients. Max Funding allows clients to borrow as little as $2,000 and as much as $1,000,000, in comparison to the bank’s minimum of $50,000.
After you have filled out your pre-approval application form, the team at Max Funding will determine whether your loan application passes our easy-to-be-eligible criteria.
From there, Max Funding will give you an immediate decision, and if successful, the funds will be transferred to your account within just 24 hours.
Obtaining finance with Max Funding has never been made easier! Max Funding is aware of the tedious process small business owners must go through when applying for funding from a traditional source. Unlike these traditional firms, here at Max Funding we have deliberately simplified our application process. Simply fill out our easy-to-be-eligible application form which takes 5 minutes, to obtain a pre-approval decision. Upon completion our expert team will give you an immediate decision, and from there if your loan application is successful, the funds will be transferred into your account on the same day!
Here at Max Funding, we believe in second chances. We understand that an individual’s historical record may not be a true reflection of their financial ability at present. Unlike banks, who are quick to decline funding for previous bad credit recording people, we ensure that each client is equally treated regardless of whether their credit record is good or bad. Even if you have a poor credit history, apply for funding with us today by filling out our simplified application form which takes only 5 minutes.
Yes, to get pre-approval for a business loan here at Max Funding, all that is required of you is to complete an obligation free application which takes only 5 minutes. There is no credit check for pre-approval, and upon completion the specialist team at Max Funding will give you an instant decision.
No, obtaining pre-approval has been made easy with Max Funding. All that is required is 5 minutes of your time, and can be done all with your mobile phone. With our easy-to-be-eligible criteria, we operate on the basis that our clients are treated fairly and equally. Fill out the application form now, and get a pre-approval decision instantly, so you can begin obtaining funding with us today!