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Bad Credit Business Loans - Fact Sheet

Suitable For
  • Start-ups
  • Established business owner
  • Commercial property investors
  • Bad credit history
Settlement Time
24 hours
Loan Term
1 month - 36 months (including term extension)
Flexible Repayment

We can design a repayment plan that fits your cash flow.

This can be a periodical repayment (e.g. monthly), a lump sum payment or a combination of your choosing.

To ease your commitment and allow maximum flexibility, a loan term extension may be available.

Indicative Loan Amount
$3,000 to $50,000
Asset Eligibility Criteria
Registered motor vehicle (financed OK)
Real estate property (mortgaged OK)
Financial Statement
Dedicated Account Manager
Tax Deductible
Interest Rate

Our interest rate is as low as 1.50% per month.

We are very confident that our rate is one of the lowest in the market, if you do find a lower rate, let us know, we will try to beat it.

Save Interest
  • Pay-off loan early
  • Extra repayments lower the balance

*Information provided on fact sheet is for reference only as we can tailor products to your requirement. Please contact us for further information.

Business loans for people with bad credit history

At Max Funding, we understand that many people just like you are in need of funding but are declined by the banks, and we would like to help business with bad credit. That’s why we have designed our criteria to ensure each client is treated equally whether your credit history is good or bad. Remember, there is no credit check for pre-approval, so your credit score will not be affected at all.

Pre-approval is almost a guaranteed approval (Verification to be completed)

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Bad Credit Business Loans from Max Funding

We understand that running a business is not an easy task and the business’ operations are not always smooth sailing. It’s commonly known that business owners tend to have more delinquent entries in their credit file compared to non-business owners, and there could have been uncontrollable events in the past which could lead to a business having less than perfect credit.

If you’ve been previously discharged from bankruptcy or a debt agreement, or perhaps you’ve had a few defaults and court judgements, or maybe even some missed payments with your financial commitments. Then your credit has likely taken a hit and you may have bad credit.

Getting a loan is sometimes necessary to keep the business running, but the dilemma of having bad credit would make it difficult to borrow from the traditional banks (compare with private financial institutions), which would in turn cause the business to suffer. Many small Australian business owners go through this struggle and they sometimes can feel hopeless, which is why Max Funding offers a solution to this problem with our Bad Credit Business Loans.

How Can We Help?

If you want to start a business, but have a poor or non-existent credit history, you might wonder what options you have, there is a guide to bad credit business loans.

Here at Max Funding, we still welcome applicants that have a bad credit history, and we have catered our loan criteria to try and consider each applicant’s circumstances as a whole. We also understand that our clients may be sensitive about credit checks being added on their file, which is why our application process avoids unnecessary credit checks when providing a pre-approval. On top of this, our account managers will also personally look after your application and offer options and alternatives to maximise your loan eligibility.

Recent Cases of Loans in Australia with Bad Credit

Client Name: Peter
Industry: Retailer
Loan Amount: $120,000
Terms: 18 months

Situation: Peter has credit defaulted for $17,000

Solution: Max Funding were able to see his business was performing quite well with stable income and he was able to provide good assets which were enough to support the loan approval.

Client Name: Megan
Industry: Cafe
Loan Amount: $75,000
Terms: 12 months

Situation: Megan discharged from a part 9 debt agreement last June, and was unable to meet the criteria for an approval by herself.

Solution: Max Funding offered her the option of doing a joint application in order to strengthen her case. With Megan and her business partner on the application, they were meet the criteria and were approved for a loan.

How Does Max Funding Bad Credit Business Loans Stand out?

Banks have been known to decline business borrowers due to bad credit records. We understand a lot of these situations are due to unpaid invoices, court litigations or many other reasons, and they are not under your control. Our friendly business specialists are trained to assist clients just like you. We take time to understand your circumstances and offer a funding solution that fits your business needs, whether you are a start-up, seek short-term or a long-time funding solution for your business.

Fast Loan Approval for People with Bad Credit

There are a variety of reasons that your business could be rejected for a business loan – and bad credit is certainly at the top of this list. Perhaps the business has gone through bankruptcy in the past, or maybe it has missed or been late on previous payments to creditors or vendors. If issues like these are showing up on your company’s credit history, banks will be wary of lending you money.

In some cases, the problem may be as simple as a lack of credit. If the company is a start-up and its operators don’t have a credit history of their own, lenders will essentially look at the enterprise as an unknown entity. With so many organisations applying for loans, they’re going to have a difficult time justifying providing funds to yours.

But at Max Funding, we believe that every business should have an opportunity to thrive. We examine each application on a case-by-case basis, as we’re eager to provide business loans to our clients with bad credit when we believe that they have a strong chance of succeeding.

If you feel that lenders have not given your organisation a chance it deserves, it’s time to turn to Max Funding. You can apply for a bad credit business account right here on our website and receive the capital you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

How to improve your credit rating?

FAQs about Bad Credit Business Loans