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What is a Business Purchase Loan?

A specific tailor-made loan for purchasing existing businesses was never available before in the economy.

Hence, to enable individuals to live their dream of having a business, this product has been structured for the economy and launched in the market.

A business purchase loan means that a loan product which is made for investors to help them in buying existing businesses or acquiring them for running them as their own at a certain interest rate.

One of the main advantages of business lending is that one does not need to put in or invest through their own capital or money and one can finance the entire business to maximize the rate of interest as well as earn profits through the same.

Loans can be transfer as fast as 24 hours. Hence, no time wastage in seizing or grabbing the business opportunity which otherwise can be lost due to time in preparing the funding for buying a business.


Max Funding offer one of the best business purchase loans in Australia

First of all, low-interest rates are provided for such loans by us. These Interest-rates turn out to be as low as 1.5% per month, which is the starting interest rates.

Funding is possible in just 24 hours of loan application and disbursal of funds.

Flexible payment option which enables one to buy their dream small scale business today and pay throughout the term of the loan.

Tailored loan term which means that the loan term ranges from 1 month to 36 months according to the nature of the business and the turnover.

Get a loan exclusively to buy another business

Now you can get a loan exclusively to buy another business which has been setup already and does not require any additional funding or the trouble of setting up a fresh business.

Buying an existing business using finance is an ideal choice as investing in an existing business using finance is an ideal choice, and there is no additional capital required for setting up a fresh business and the risk of losses are minimized by a certain percentage, and can get assisted in getting clients all over Australia.

Benefit from Max Funding's fast business purchase lending

A fast business purchase lending is important with regard to competition in the market and grabbing the opportunity or making the first move in any sector for profitability and gains. Earlier the loan, earlier is the stepping into the market and gaining stability in the market.
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No extra fees for early repayment

Max Funding can help you to buy a business

We have helped thousands of Australians to fulfill their dream. They get a business loan from us to buy an existing small scaled business or buy a franchise to start up their own business.

Reasons why we are better alternative compare with traditional banks:

  • We would like to help clients with bad credit history
  • Banks usually require much longer loan approval time
  • Apply with bank, requires lots of documents to prove your income
  • Banks will ask for business plan

Why acquiring a business is a better option rather than start up your own from scratch?

First of all, there is a readymade client base available when a business is acquired. Next comes the reputation and brand name which already has been positioned in the market and a certain entrepreneur does not have to struggle for the same.

The third factor in the line is the established business networks through which the business shall perform effectively and efficiently for profit making and shall not end up as a loss making proposition. Hence, lower the risk of loss in such a case.

In the end there involves a higher success rate in an acquired business or a franchise as compared to a startup. Getting a business loan to buy an existing company is easier than you think. It is much easier to get a loan from us than the banks.

Business Purchase Loans Up To $1,000,000

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Bad credit? OK! New business? OK!
Decision in five minutes An alternative to banks
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