Offer Business Loans To Your Clients

Referral Program With High Commission

Become a Referral Partner and Unlock Limitless Earning Potentials!

Tailored for your business

At Max Funding, we offer flexible and tailored short term financial solutions for your SME clients whenever they felt the urge to get extra cash for their business in a click.

Accreditation process is easy and free, takes about few minutes to complete and after that, you will get the access to our cutting edge referral system which is a personalised Fintech portal that allows you to monitor the entire application process of any referred cases. It provides timely update on application status as well as detailed information about our products and lending criteria.

Immediate partnership support will be provided right way and we will make sure no deal will be slipped away!

Equal Commissions

No matter if you want to just pass us a phone number or wish to liaise between various parties. At Max Funding, doesn’t matter if you are a professional finance broker, an accountant, a solicitor, an insurance broker, a retailer or franchisor or simply a neighbour next door, commission paid to you will all be the same. We are keen to do the hard work for you while you enjoy a break.