Caveat Loans in Australia

Borrow up to 100% of your
property value in 24 hours*

Bad credit? OK!
Easy eligibility
Decision in five minutes
An alternative to banks

Caveat Business Loans - Fact Sheet

Suitable For
  • Start-ups
  • Established business owner
  • Commercial property investors
  • Bad business credit history
Pre-approval Time
1 hour to 2 hours
Settlement Time
1 day to 3 days
Loan Term
1 month - 36 months (including term extension)
Flexible Repayment

We can design a repayment plan that fits your cash flow.

This can be a periodical repayment (e.g. monthly), a lump sum payment or a combination of your choosing.

To ease your commitment and allow maximum flexibility, a loan term extension may be available.

Indicative Loan Amount
$10,000 to $50,000
Asset Eligibility Criteria
Real estate property (mortgaged OK)
Financial Statement
Dedicated Account Manager
Tax Deductible
Interest Rate

Our interest rate is as low as 1.50% per month.

We are very confident that our rate is one of the lowest in the market, if you do find a lower rate, let us know, we will try to beat it.

Save Interest
  • Pay-off loan early
  • Extra repayments lower the balance

*Information provided on fact sheet is for reference only as we can tailor products to your requirement. Please contact us for further information.

Caveat Loans Explained: What is a Caveat Loan?

How are Caveat Loans Secured?

  1. A ‘caveat’ is a document that is lodged onto a property title. The title is a government ownership record, and placing a caveat on this title secures the real estate so that the lender of interest is registered; just like a mortgage.
  2. The property is then used as securities for the loan. The lender receives an equitable interest in the property. They can proceed with the lending transaction with the assurance that they’ll be able to liquidate the property to make up for any losses in the event of a default from the borrower.
  3. The caveat serves as an official note on the property title that lets other lenders know that the property is being used as security for a loan. The property therefore can not be used for any other dealings.

What's the Difference Between a Caveat Loan and a Second Mortgage?

A first mortgage (home loan) is very straightforward. The borrower receives approval from a lender, based on their credit history and income. If approved, they receive a loan which can be used to purchase a property, which also serves as the loan's security in the event of non-payment.

However, it’s common for property owners to also take out second mortgages on the same property. This is possible because every previous repayment they have made against the property pays down the principal, which increases borrower’s equity. Second mortgages are taken out against this existing equity.

The fundamental difference between second mortgages and caveat loans is that more than one mortgage issued against a single property. Mortgages are assigned a level of priority relative to when the mortgage was taken out. In the case of a default, a second mortgage can only be reckoned with after the first has been cleared.

With a caveat loan, the property in question may not be used as collateral for any other loan if the caveat loan is active. These restrictions make caveat loans easier to process and more desirable under certain circumstances. With no other loans competing for priority stake over a single property, the lender can release the full amount more quickly.

Can a Property be Sold If It Has a Caveat?

When you have a caveat loan, you can't sell your property or attempt to obtain further funding using your home as collateral.

Why are Max Funding Caveat Loans Better?

At Max Funding, we praise ourselves for offering one of the best caveat loans in Australia with no credit check for pre-approval.

Here is why we stand out:

A caveat loan is a wise financing choice for many business owners who require urgent funding. Compared to traditional business lending, our loans are fast and easy to approve (funding available as fast as 24 hours).

If you're considering taking charge of an immediate opportunity to expand your business or to pay urgent invoices, a caveat loan might just be your perfect solution.

We help clients all around Australia - whether you are from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide, we're here to help.

*Note: LVR approval depends on security, business, credit and other info provided. For weaker scenarios, maximum LVR would be lower. Please refer to contract/offer for more information.

Case Studies 1: Paying off a Caveat Loan

A client urgently needed funding for his business. A bank had provided him with a caveat loan worth 50% of his property value, but was unwilling to lend more to him. Despite having sufficient equity on his property, he had little proven business profitability. The bank’s strict lending criteria meant that he was unable to obtain the caveat loan he needed to support his business.

Max Funding helped our client by offering him a caveat loan of $400,000 which was secured against his property over a 3-year period. The caveat loan provided the client with necessary access to capital so that he could fund his businesses and make necessary repayments once his business succeeds.

Case Studies 2: How a Caveat Loan Helped a Local Business Owner

A client’s caveat loan was already on title. His caveat lender had a high-interest rate of 3% per month, and the caveat loan was due the following month with no extension available. Max Funding helped the client by re-financing at the caveat lender’s rate. We offered our client a lower rate of 1.5% per month over a longer period. As a result, he was in a better financial position, as was able to serve the caveat loan over 2 years.

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  2. Select the business loan purpose.
  3. Provide an idea of your credit rating.
  4. We’ll get back to you right away with more information.

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Why are Caveat Loans Particularly Attractive to Business Owners?

At Max Funding, we’re keen to help Australian business owners achieve their financial goals – and we’ve found that caveat loans are one of our greatest resources. Borrowing from a mainstream bank is often more trouble than it’s worth. And that’s if your business can even get approved!

No matter the size of your organisation, as long as it owns the property, we are able to provide you with sufficient funding based upon the value of that property.

If you’ve already spent time going from one business loan provider to the next, only to find that their lending requirements are far too restrictive to be of any use, then you’ll appreciate just how straightforward our caveat loan application process is. Thanks to our no-credit-check caveat loans (for pre-approval), you can finally get your business moving in the right direction.

FAQs about Caveat Loans

*LVR approval depends on security, business, credit and other info provided. For weaker scenarios, maximum LVR would be lower. Please refer to contract/offer for more information.