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Over the past few years, Max Funding has been providing business loans throughout Australia. Many industries have come to us and to seek assistance.

There are many reasons people come to us. Some want to start a business or resolve their financial situations, while others want to grow their business. They turn to us because we can provide fast high-quality services with a very simple application process.

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Case Study

Case studies are for illustrative purposes only.

Dentist Equipment Upgrade


Ron is an good dentist. He does not overcharge his clients, and the most important thing is that he has skills. Many people would go to him for dental services. However, the problem now was that his equipment was too old and not functioning properly, making it difficult to operate his business.


Ron didn't have enough money to update all the equipment, which is why he reached out for assistance from Max Funding. Max Funding was able to help him with the money he needed to purchase new equipment, and Ron was able to work more efficiently and serve more clients, allowing him to increase his profits.

Dentist Equipment Replacement


Cindy is a OH&S manager on a construction site. She is in charge of all the safety issues at the sites. She realised the safety equipment was not suitable to work, but she couldn't receive the funds needed for new equipment until the project was completed.


Purchasing new safety equipment was her only option to continue with the job. But she didn't have enough money to purchase equipment for every worker. Therefore, Cindy applied for a loan online from Max Funding, which she received, and she was able to continue the project.