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The convenience of purchasing or ordering online or over the telephone has empowered many logistics companies to grow and become successful. Daily thousands of containers are exported, transported or loaded. Max Funding can help you take your logistics company to where it needs to be. Enquire today, and see why we can help you.

Real Client Stories**

Ascending Business

Steven had just started a new transport business in Rye, Victoria. About one year into his business venture, the business was still struggling to lift off the ground. Steven was stuck in a situation where funds were becoming low. The lack of a solid client base had lead to cash flow issues and the inability to pay wages. Steven had received a promotional letter from Max Funding, he filled out the online application form and submitted a few documents. In a short few days, Steven had the money in his bank account, ready to pay his employees the wages they deserved.

Case studies are for illustrative purposes only*