Get Long Term Business Loans of Up to $1M in Australia

Unsecured - no collateral required

Unsecured - no collateral required

FREE, non-committal application

FREE, non-committal application

Less paperwork required

Less paperwork required

No extra fees for early repayment

No extra fees for early repayment

What is the Long Term Business Loans?

The team behind Max Funding is always looking to keep their customer well-informed about every single thing they need to know, today we’ are going to talk about long-term business loans. What makes a long-term business loan different than regular loans is that you can pay it back over a longer period of time, these loans are a financial instrument sought after by established business owners to improve their operations at significant stages.

These loans are mostly used following a simple rule that ties the length of the financing to the productive period of the asset financed with that money. They are frequently requested for companies to pursue different types of investments such as increasing their manufacturing capacity by buying new equipment or to develop a construction project to expand their operations.

Working with long-term small business loans offer business owners quite a few advantages for business, the first one being immediate access to cash flow to mitigate expenses. They also come with a low-interest rate based on the time it takes to pay them back and because the asset bought or built with the money can act as collateral in case of a bailout.

A long term business loans also will take off the pressure of having to deal with meddling investors who might want to claim ownership and earnings in the long run. Keeping a good track of payments will help business owners build a solid credit score and a lasting relationship with their lenders.

Max Funding is Different with Traditional Banks, How We Stand Out

A business owner who has to deal with traditional banks will probably face a wall of restrictions or with a really slow process to get their proposal for a long-term business loan approved. Going through the regular system these days require days, if not months of preparation.

Banks always require well-structured business proposal so they’ll have a very specific idea of what the business owner intends to do with their money. They must also come prepared with certain documents such as tax returns, financial statements that offer proof of a stable financial situation for the business and of course documented proof of consistent income.

In Max Funding they believe that it’s not necessary to add such a huge amount of red tape to a process that should be relatively easy. They are one the few businesses willing to offer long term unsecured business loans with fast approval time and by requesting very little paperwork.

Max Funding understands the need of small businesses looking to grow and who can’t seem to catch a break from established banks, and that’s why they offer some of the most flexible loan terms to make payments as the business expand. To work better with their customers they need to know the size of the operation trying to secure financing, that way we can offer fair loan amounts. Eligibility is not a problem with them. They always get back to anyone looking for their services.

Long Term Business Loans from Us are Tailored Option for Self-Employed

At Max Funding, our team of business specialists respect and understand the complications and the stress that come with running your own business. That is why we are dedicated to helping Australian business owners just like you. We offer flexible business-funding solutions to ensure that you are able to meet the financial needs of your business without giving up any control over the company you worked so hard to develop. Simply fill out our quick pre-approval form, and you'll be given an instant indication of the appropriate loan amount. Apply now!

One of the biggest problems faced by small business is their ability to obtain financing. Most banks settle on meager excuses such as failure to make a couple of payments reflected on a credit score or their perceived notions of a failing business model. Max Funding does not care about fabricated perceptions. We care about an applicant’s ability to pay back their loan inopportune fashion, and to make that happen we offer some of the terms of the most flexible loan in the business with payment quotes that can be handled at fixed interest rates each month or in lumps. If the applicant is successful the company is willing to negotiate early payments with no charge

The team at Max funding is very open to communication and willing to work the best possible deal no matter the stage of the business operation. These competitive rates and transparent business model works alongside an implied amount of trust since the company is willing to overlook the financial situation of any business or even a bad credit score to consider an application. These loans also do not carry any type of hidden fee since the company works with no disclosures.

Qualify for Long-Term Small Business Loan is Easy from Us

For the people at Max Funding, even a story of bad credit is not an obstacle to finance a business. There are plenty of stories of bad credit long term business loans rebounds and most those operations are not close to being in a struggling position. Startup initiatives are uncommon for long-term business loans but a new starter with a solid business plan is bound to be considered too.

Getting a long term unsecured business loans is within the company possibilities but the lenders should be aware of the payments conditions of such a risky venture. This type of loan will secure a limited cash flow to any business and it will give it rooms to operate and plan their next move. The money can be accessed with limited financial statements and no income verification. Even with the baggage of a history of defaults.

Where Can I Get a Long-Term Business Loans

Max Funding is an Australian based business offering loans to anyone who might need it as long as they met the very basic conditions they ask each one of their applicants. Their services are offered all over the country. Whoever needs their services can hook up with them online by visiting their website. They are open to work alongside every industry in the country that needs quick financing.

Easy Application Process

To get access to the easy loan services offered by Max funding user just need to fill a form that asks for very specific information to get pre-approval. Once the company has the chance to verify their information, they’ll get notified of the terms and conditions of the loan. If the applicant accepts the terms, the money will be transferred to a business account and that's it.