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8 Apps And Sites That Will Put Cash in Your Pocket


Managing your finances is always difficult and you need to plan properly in order to keep your finances in order. In today’s tech world, there are some apps that can be used for better planning of your finances and keeping track of everything. Let’s take a look at top 8 of them.

  1. OnTrees personal finance (android & ios)

This app is one of the most popular ones around and its aim is to help people in making better decisions regarding their finances. You can take a look at all the bank accounts of yours and track all your incomings and outgoings.

  1. Debt manager (ios)

There are many who get indebted at some point or the other and things easily go out of their control. Through this app, you can keep things under control by organizing and tracking all the debts of yours.

  1. Money dashboard (ios & android)

There are many who tend to have several bank accounts, like one that they use for their personal spending, other is for savings, while another is dedicated for paying off the bills. Managing all these accounts at the same time can be hard and with Money Dashboard you can do it effectively.

  1. Money hub (ios and android)

Similar to other apps, it allows you to view all the account balances from a single place and pulls in all the data from live transactions that come from savings/current accounts, credit cards, loans, etc. You can see exactly where the money is going and set your financial goals accordingly.

  1. UK salary calculator (ios)

While on the lookout for new job, people tend to compare salaries being offered to them. For automating things, you can use this wonderful app that lets you easily calculate the take-home salary depending on annual, monthly, daily or hourly wage.

  1. ClearScore (ios & android)

This app provides you with your credit report and credit rating without costing anything to you. You do not even have to provide the bank details for this.

  1. Acorn (android & ios)

This app allows you to invest any spare change that you may have in the low-cost ETFs. After connecting your credit card and checking accounts to the app, it rounds up all your purchases automatically to next dollar, investing the amount in your chosen portfolio.

  1. Level money (android & ios)

It’s a ‘money meter’ in your mobile. After connecting this app to the bank account you use, all your income as well as recurring bills are calculated automatically. After that it suggests you what you should spend on daily, weekly as well as monthly basis.


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