Weekly repayment

Personalise your repayment plan
  • Amount
    $ 250,000
  • For loans more than $200,000, please contact us for a personalised repayment plan.
  • Duration
    36 months

Weekly repayment


Personalise your repayments
*The information provided in the calculator above is for indicative use only. Interest rate will vary based on individual application risk profile. Fee is not included in the calculation. Accurate repayment will be provided upon final verification. The calculator and the result generated does not constitute any offer from Max Funding.

Business loan repayment Calculator

Whether you are expanding your business, upgrading equipment or managing cash flow, our business loan repayment calculator can help you to reach your business objective. You can have a better view of your loans repayments thus you can better manage and monitor your budget.

What is a business loan repayment Calculator?

Our business loan repayment calculator can give you a rough indication of how much your repayments would be on your next business loan. Simply select the amount of funding you would like to borrow and choose the repayment term that you desire, an estimated weekly repayment amount will be provided. However, calculating the loan repayment of a business loan depends on a variety of factors. These factors may include your business type, the length of time your business has been operating and the monthly turnover of your business.