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Fast approval for home loans from Max Funding.

Home loans can be consideredd for business use and consumer use. For personal use, Max Funding's home loans are designed for people unable to get home loans from banks due to the high criteria. Home loans for business use, can be a pure asset loan. We can provide non-conforming home loans for people who do not meet the requirements of banks. In fact, 20% of Australians do not qualify for traditional home loans from banks.

Max Funding understands that applying for home loans from mainstream banks in Australia is difficult and very stressful, hence, we will tailor loans to you and your financial situation. Whether you are self-employed or have a bad credit history, we will consider giving you a choice. Beside non-conforming home loans, we can provide low doc loans.

Clients can be approved faster by Max Funding than by banks - we all know that applying for loans from banks can take ages, especially for home loans. Clients who are in a rush, can apply with us and get approved very soon.

The first step is to fill out the pre-approval form. Simply provide the approximate loan amount you need (we can adjust it later in the process), the purpose of the loan, and your credit history. Don’t worry about bad credit - instead of being interested in your behavior in the past, we care more about your present and future.

After you fill out the application form, you'll receive our decision in just a few minutes by SMS or email. Then, you only need to provide some basic documents and sign the contract. for low doc loans, the required documentation is even. Once approved, we will deposit your funds in your bank account shortly.

Where can I get home loans in Australia?

The traditional way is to get home loans from mainstream banks, but their criteria are quite high - 20% of Australians can’t meet their requirements, and some of the people don’t have time to wait for the banks processing time. It can be even worse, if you are applying for home loans for business use. More than 85% of small business owners use home loan funding for business growth, while 50% of business loan applications are rejected every year, and only one-third of small business owners are able to obtain all of the funds their businesses need from mainstream banks.

Max Funding provids financial services to thousands of small and medium enterprises in Australia every year. We know the importance of cash flow for your business to operate smoothly, especially for small businesses. Hence, we are trying to release funding to clients very fast.

Get your home loan today!

Looking for home loans? Apply with Max Funding today! We have designed our application process to be quick and easy, and it will give you an accurate indication about your eligibility in just five minutes. Whether the loan is for consumer use or business use. Max Funding provides you with flexibility and fast settling times to ensure the best solution is provided to you. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!