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Max Funding Line of Credit makes the difference

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Flexible business line of credit up to $1 million

Max Funding understands every business is unique that’s why we can tailor a line of credit facility that suits your business stage, industry and cash flow.

Friendly Lending Specialist

Easy lending criteria

Qualify for a Max Funding business line of credit is easy. Even if you are a new start-up, got bad credit history, previously been bankrupted, we always endeavour to help.

Friendly Lending Specialist

Decision in 5 minutes

No need to line up for hours. Experience our short 5 minutes online application and get a result instantly anywhere in Australia! There is no credit check for a pre-approval.

Friendly Lending Specialist

Access funding anytime, anywhere

With our online line of credit portal, accessing funding when you need it has never been easier. Simply making you request from your online account and that’s it.

We are trusted by thousands of Australian small businesses

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Funding Requested

We have assisted thousands of Australian businesses with millions in funding.

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Businesses Funded

We are dedicated to assisting business owners with their financial needs.

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Industries Covered

Max Funding serves all industries operating in Australia.

Understanding Business Line of Credit loans

A Line of credit loan is an ideal option for small businesses owners. It offers flexibility, value and control. You can easily access working capital up to your approved limit. That means you will have greater control and flexibility when you need capitals to grow your business. The whole process is seamless like a business credit card. You only need to pay interest on the portion of the amount being used.

At Max Funding, we understand that small business requires more flexibility when it comes to the effects of cash flow gap and unexpected expenditure. A shortage of cash flow may create severe problem to the operation of a small business. Therefore, a line of credit is the financial backup for your business. So you can focus on your core business activity to grow.

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Line of Credit Loans FAQs

What is the interest rate?

What is a business line of credit?

A line of credit allows you easy access to funding as you need it. Unlike a loan, there is no need draw-down the full loan amount. Typically, businesses only access the portion of funds that is needed to buy stock or pay suppliers and pay down the line of credit when customers pay them back to lower the interest.

Line of credit has become increasingly popular in recent years for small business, largely due to their great flexibility. For further flexibility, line-of-credit borrowers can also make large one-off principal repayments to reduce the credit used.

Credit limit can be adjusted base on business performance and owner’s personal record. The stronger the business, the higher the limit. Max Funding values royal clients and very often limit is increase based on year of the relationship.

What is the difference between a traditional business loan and a line of credit

Unlike a regular loan, a line of credit does not charge interest on the part of the loan that is unused, allowing for cost-effective and efficient use. For their convenience, borrowers can draw on the line of credit as needed. This finance option may be classified as a demand loan (depending on the agreement with the financial institution), meaning that any outstanding balance will have to be paid immediately at the institution's request.

Used wisely, demand loans can save you thousands in interest over the term of the loan by depositing your income and any additional funds in the account and drawing out only your minimum requirements.

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4.8 5

A great option for business line of credit loan, excellent staff

A flawless process to get money fast, the loan was deposited into my business account immediatly after the loan was approved

5 5

Flexibility and simplicity

Gettig a line of credit is much easier than i think. I can easily redraw more money when i need. The process is very simple and fast as well.

5 5

Keep on Max Funding

After getting around with big 4 of 10 years, I was recommended by my business friends to use Max Funding. I did so and it was wonderful.

5 5

Unbelievably amazing

This is the best customer service i ever met. David answered all my question and the whole process is very efficient.

4.7 5

Max Funding is Great

Terrific customer service and very competitive interest rate. Lauren was so helpful in providing all the information I need.

4.8 5

Great company to work with

I like the efficiency and professionalism Max Funding shows to me. They are taking care of all my concern

4.9 5

Thank you so much for all your hardwork

Max Funding has done all the hard work so I can get a loan hassal free. Nice work!

5 5

Wonderful for small business owners

I have found Max Funding to be extremely helpful and with a rep like John who was patient, kind and reliable to solve all my questions.

4.8 5

Fast and friendly

I am very satified with the application and processing time. Money is available to me within 24 hours.

4.9 5

Effective line of credit for ecommerce

I have been using Max Funding line of credit for 2 years. I'm thankful that I can access finance to purchase inventory. I sell on ebay and have to purchase enough inventory to grow my small shop.