Accommodation and food service of Australia

The Accommodation and Food Service sector of Australia comprises of establishments and outlets that provide customers with housing and/or facilities like cooking meals, refreshments, and drinks for instant consumption.

What is a commercial property loan?

A commercial property loan is a loan borrowed for the purpose of securing a commercial asset or property, such as a building for a shopping mall, a workplace or education building, industrial depository, factory warehouse or residential complex. The amount received from a commercial property loan is specifically used to obtain, renovate, or develop a piece of commercial asset or property.

Most of the commercial property loans come with a negotiated and discussed commercial property loan rate of interest depending on the amount of loan borrowed, a position of equity and the overall financial status of the loan application. The amount charged is then determined using a commercial property loan calculator whose operations depend entirely on the lender but is usually set at affordable rates.

What is a hotel loan?

Obtaining a commercial property loan for a hotel property is quite similar to an ordinary commercial property loan with a few understated differences.

What is an accommodation loans from Max Funding?

Hotel financing from Max Funding is quite in contrast to sponsoring other commercial assets or properties. Financing a hotel property is done for a specific purpose which implies that it is unreasonable cost prohibitive too, to transform it into a commercial property of alternative use. This is because an office block can provide accommodations for several different types of trades but a hotel property can only provide accommodations for a hotel. As such, hotel accommodation loan is unwarranted to the lender as compared to a regular commercial property. A moneylender will arbitrate this peril by resorting to a more conventional tactic to guaranteeing a hotel loan.

How to secure a motel loan from Max Funding?

To obtain financial approval for a motel loan the following step have to be followed:

  • Submit a 5 minutes application form from our website to get a pre-approval.
  • Send or email us a few basic documents for verification.
  • Once verification is completed, funding will direct to your account as soon as possible.