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Driving future Educational Institutions success

Education Sector is one of the most important industries in Australia. Educational Institutions have a profound social contribution to our community by providing more educational opportunities for every Australian. Education Sector also has a significant economic contribution to Australian Economy. Education is Australia's Largest service exporter and the nation's fourth largest exporters. There is huge growth potential in this sector and the new technology has changed the way educational institutions operated, experienced and extending the established geographic and service boundaries.

However, startup or running an educational institutions is capital intensive. The chance for you to seize the golden opportunity in the education sector highly depends on your ability on accessing finance promptly when you need. With our tailored financing option, you will find yourself one step ahead of your competitors.

How can Max Funding support educational institutions

We offer flexible business loans products so you can get funding more efficient to cater all your business needs. Loans for educational institutions assists educational businesses in Australia from pre-schools, schools, trainning and preparation centre, coaching institutions, early childhood educators, to universities and more.

Education Infrastructure is one of the most important factors in delivering a higher quality of education. At Max Funding, we are proud to introduce Educational Institutions Loans to cater to the needs of businesses that participate in the area of education or training.  

Keeping up with the current and updated teaching facilities of education requires a large amount capital-investment. Loans for educational institutions provide a flexible and customized solution for this capital intensive educational business by providing funds for repayments, meeting payroll demand, maintenance costs and many more. A service of loans for educational institutions smoothly maintains the cash flow enabling even running for the educational business.

How would a Max Funding loan work for my educational institution?

Max Funding offers plenty of finance options when you are looking for cash flow injection to suits your business cycle. We can help you to understand each product's feature and tailored a plan that works the best for you. So you can always make the right call.

We have developed our unique algorithm in assessing loans application so you can enjoy the efficiency, flexibility and transparency. You can apply now and get a pre-approval in just 5 minutes. For your peace of mind, a pre-approval is non-committal and no credit check will be performed.

How can my educational business benefit from Max Funding unsecured finance?

  • purchase the latest hardware and software
  • renovation of existing lab facility
  • launch marketing campaign to reach your customers
  • provide further training to your staffs
  • recruit more teaching staffs
  • upgrade your premise to provide better service to your students