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Make Your Business Permanent!

Tattoos tend to have longer life-spans than most businesses.

The biggest overhead in running a tattoo parlour is generally the wages for a tattoo artist.

A successful and well-known tattoo artist can have waiting lists of months and even years.

Max Funding provides funds to tattoo parlours for their business to grow into a successful, well-known brand.

Real Client Stories

Inking New Designs

Siana is a tattoo artist running a studio in Rockingham, WA. The business decided to refresh its image with a newly designed logo. The logo change meant that old machinery and items within the studio needed new designs and signage, which required additional funds. Siana had first tried a bank, however, she did not meet the requirements. In her search for a bank alternative, she found Max Funding. She was assessed by their lending staff and was ultimately approved for a loan. With this funding, she could complete her logo refresh and design her studio accordingly.

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Tattoo Parlour Loans Up To $350,000

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Bad credit? OK! New business? OK!
Decision in five minutes An alternative to banks
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