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Often, people have a hard time finding the right job. This is partly attributed to the limited resources available to the job seeker. Recruitment companies connect the job seeker with a potential, suitable employer. Max Funding provides funding to recruitment agencies around Australia.

Real Client Stories*

Recruiting Cash Flow
Mark is the owner of a recruitment agency from Springfield Lakes, QLD. The business had a strong positive revenue stream, but they were experiencing cash flow issues due to slow-paying clients. Mark's business was owed over $20, 000 in unpaid invoices. This resulted in to temporary cash shortages that he couldn't recover for another two months. Mark was referred to Max Funding by a close friend. He requested $5, 000 to continue his daily trade until his unpaid receipts were recovered. Mark expects to repay the loan within 1-2 months after recovering his money.

Case studies are for illustrative purposes only*