Working Capital Loan

Fast and Easy Working Capital finance to support Australian small business

Main Features

Flexible loan term

Flexible Loan Term

We offer loans ranging 1 - 36 months to suit your cash flow needs.

FREE, non-committal application

FREE, Non-Committal Application

You are obligation-free to get a pre-approval via our online paperless application.

Decision within one working day

Decision within One Working Day

You can get a pre-approval in just 5 minutes. Funding is possible within 24 hours.

Bank Alternative

Bank Alternative

We have designed working capital loans that are more friendly to small business.

What is a Working Capital Loan?

Working capital is defined as the capital of a business which is used to fund its day-to-day operational activities. Therefore, sufficient level of working capital is crucial for businesses. A working capital loan from Max Funding is tailored finance product to assist small businesses to cover your day-to-day operational costs like account payable, labour cost and marketing fees.

There is an easy formula to work out a business's working capital:

Working Capital = Current Assets minus Current Liabilities

(For example, if your company's current assets is AUD$600,000 and your company's current liabilities is AUD $400,000 then the working capital is AUD$200,000. You easily figure out the current assets and current liabilities figure on your balance sheet.)

It is an ideal strategy for you to compare your working capital with industry benchmark. For example, businesses that operate in a high seasonality and cyclical sales industry will find sales varies between different periods. Therefore, it is a great idea for you to get a working capital loan before peak season. So you are well prepared to easier to achieve your business goals.

How to Get a Business Loan to Improve Working Capital?

The best way to handle a temporary cash flow shortfall is by using working capital loans. At Max Funding, we are dedicated to changing the lending experience for Australian SMEs by offering fast working capital finance solutions with flexible criteria and greater convenience compared to bank loans. We are able to provide your business with much-needed cash flow when you need it most. Simply complete our 5 Minutes online application form to get an instant pre-approval decision. For your peace of mind, the pre-approval process is free and non-committal and no credit check is done at this stage.

Fast approval is the biggest benefits to small businesses from a Max Funding working capital loan. By harnessing the latest financial technology and advanced algorithm, we are able to approve your loan application much faster than traditional banks. So you can access funding more efficient to boost your working capital and continue to grow your company.

Different Types of Working Capital Loans for Funding a Business

At Max Funding, you can enjoy flexibility by choosing between different types of working capital finance. You can borrow from $1,000 to $1,000,000 that suits your company's needs. We offer fast working capital loans, Equity business loans and working capital loans with no collateral. Loan term can vary between 1 - 36 months. Our friendly lending experts can also assist you to find out the solution that is tailored to you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about how working capital finance can help your business.

Max Funding has funded thousands of small and medium businesses in Australia. Therefore, we have a more thorough understanding of the cash flow needs in your industry.

How Can Max Funding Loans Help You?

  • Smooth the impact of cash fluctuations caused by unexpected business overhead
  • Convenient, flexible, fast approval funding
  • Plan ahead to achieve your future growth objectives
  • Pay your account payables

How to maximise the benefits of working capital finance?

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Unexpected business expenses

Unexpected business expenses

Meet Industry Benchmark

Meet Industry Benchmark

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4.8 5

Excellent all around!

The working capital loan from Max Funding provides great flexibility to my business, I would highly recommend Max Funding to anyone and other small businesses

5 5

Very impressed with the speed

Very impressed with the speed, transparency and service. The interest rate is much lower than my expectations. Good job, Max

5 5

Small business working capital finance Gurus

Max Funding provides one of the highest service standard in this industry, much better than old school banking. Highly recommended.

5 5

Extremely knowledge and professional

Max Funding Team is easy to deal with, deep lending knowledge and professional. We would definitely recommend.

4.7 5

Great appreciation

Lauren was excellent. She walked me through the whole process without any hassle. It only took 1 day to get the funds I need.

4.8 5

Support my business

We were running out of working capital for my business. Luckily, I was able to get some help from Max Funding

4.9 5

A fast, efficient solution for working capital

Day-to-day expenses sometimes made me very hard to cove with. Max Funding is the first option for me.

5 5

Maximise my potential

max Funding is by far the best and smartest option for finance. Dealing with big 4 banks was so annoying. The online system by Max Funding was very easy to use. They always response to my question promptly.

4.8 5

If you need cash flow, Contact Max Funding

My business friends introduced Max Funding to me. The whole process is flawless and the loan is approved in an unbelievable speed. I would definitely recommend to other business owners as well.

4.9 5

Trustworthy lender

You have to apply for a loan from a lender that you can trust, Max Funding is the one for me