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How can a start-up benefit from private equity?

There is a fundamental difference between venture capital and general business loans. Venture capital is money pooled from private investors to support a high-potential start-up or small business. The investors gain a perceived long-term return by gaining a portion of the business’ equity (shares) and, usually, by participating in company decisions. This is a very common and important source of funding for entrepreneurs who find difficulty in accessing capital markets due to a short operating history or an inability to produce an asset to back a loan.

How do business loans compare to private investors?

A common type of start-up business loan (asset-based business loan) looks at your personal financial capabilities rather than simply looking at your business’ numbers. By securing an asset against the loan, the lender is given a safeguard, which lowers the risk and means they are more open to lending more funds to you. The benefit of this compared to venture capital is that you remain your own boss and you alone own all of your business’ equity. This will allow you to have control of your business, steering your business in the direction you want it to go. Loans also entail a lower cost of capital in the long run as loan terms are typically short. Max Funding can help you achieve all these benefits. Contact us today to talk to our team of specialists for a professional and stress-free experience.

Max Funding Business Loans

At Max Funding, our team of business specialists respect and understand the complications and the stress that come with running your own business. That is why we are dedicated to helping Australian business owners just like you. We offer flexible business-funding solutions to ensure that you are able to meet the financial needs of your business without giving up any control over the company you worked so hard to develop. Simply fill out our quick pre-approval form, and you'll be given an instant indication of the appropriate loan amount. Apply now!