Invoice Finance

Get quick cash advances from your debtors

What is invoice finance?

Invoice finance is different from traditional business loans in Australia. It is a short-term business loan, that can help you get quick cash advances from your debtors and resolve cash flow issues. Businesses issue invoices to their debtors and collect the money later. However, it is common that payments are received late, which causes disruptions to your business operations. This is a serious problem to businesses that rely heavily on clients paying on time, to ensure that they can remain sustainable.

Stable cash flow is important for businesses to operate and expand, and late payments affect them in many ways. Instead of push your debtors or disrupting your business, you can apply for invoice finance from Max Funding and manage your cash flow much better. Moreover, different with other business loans, invoice finance does not need your property or an asset as security, only your account receivable.

Invoice financing is a popular method of receiving upfront cash. Businesses have utilised this form of financing to ensure that they stay afloat with sufficient cash flow to continue operating.

How does invoice finance work?

It is quite simple, loans are provided on the balance of the businesses’ accounts receivable. If your business has a slow account receivable turnover ratio, it can be problematic when the need for capital arises. Simply provide the number of outstanding payments your business is owed, and an upfront percentage of this amount can be extended to your business. Once payments for your outstanding invoices have been received, you have the option to pay-off the loan early. This can provide much-needed relief for businesses struggling to receive payments on time.

Max Funding provides invoice finance as quickly as on the same day, to help business owners reduce their cash flow pressure, and grow their business.

How to get invoice factoring service from Max Funding

Max Funding is an innovative leader in the business financing industry. It is comprised of a team of business-lending professionals ready to take your business to the next level. Having financed thousands of businesses since its inception, Max Funding can provide you with an expertise incomparable with other lenders. Feel free to compare other products, if invoice financing does not suit your business needs.

Getting invoice finance from Max Funding starts with completing our easy pre-approval form - just tell us how much you want to borrow, the purpose of the loan and your credit history. This can provide you with an indication of your potential funding amount and eligibility. Don’t worry too much about your credit history - we understand there are many reasons for bad credit histories, and we are willing to give you a second chance. Once this process has been completed, provide us with a few verification documents. When all documents have been verified and assessed, you will have your invoice financing deposited into your bank account directly.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly!