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Are you an accountant or a bookkeeper? If you are already a service provider to small businesses, you must understand how challenging for your clients to get access to the capital they need. With Max Funding Referral Program, you can help your clients to solve their needs, manage their cash flow and grow their business, while you will be rewarded by us for taking good care of your clients.

Max Funding now offering low rate of 1.5% per month for caveat loans, join the Max Funding Referral Program TODAY!

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Approval is subject to LVR* verification and for loan greater than $200K.

$142,546,168 - Funding Requested


Funding Requested

We have assisted many Australian businesses with millions in funding.

8,596+ - Businesses Funded


Businesses Funded

We are dedicated to assisting business owners with their financial needs.

131 - Industries Covered


Accountants Referred

We have many accountants referred their clients to us for financial helps.

What are the Benefits?

Help your clients

Help Your Clients

Earn Additional Revenue

Earn Additional Revenue

Value Add to Your Services

Value Add to Your Services

How can you help your clients with us?

Help your clients

Help their tax bills

Earn Additional Revenue

Help their bad debts

Value Add to Your Services

Help their cash flow

Value Add to Your Services

Upgrade their equipment

Value Add to Your Services

Add more products/services

Value Add to Your Services

Invest in marketing

Why Partner with Max Funding?

Trusted by Thousands of Accountants Australia-wide

I would definitely recommend Max Funding to other brokers

Max Funding made the process extremely easy and fast for my clients. Some of my clients had waited few months from the banks but now with Max Funding, they were able to solve their financial problem as soon as possible.My clients are happy with me as well as they see me add more values to them.

What we have assisted before

Scenario How we helped

Start Up Business Loans


A Melbourne based business owner who just started his cafe for6 months and he needed money to sustain his business.


His accountant referred this client to us and Max Funding were able to help and provided $10,000. The business owner was extremely happy about his accountant to introduce a funding provider.

Helped to pay tax bills


A cloth store owner in QLD was running late to pay his tax bills because of cash flow issue and he could require to pay hefty penalities.


His accountant understood this client's situation and advised him to apply for a short-term business loan from us. The owner finally pay his tax bills on time and avoid a huge amount penalities.

Upgraded equipment with bad credit business


A gym owner in NSW needed some funds buy some equipment but he has bad credit hisotry.


Instead of banks, the accountant thought about Max Funding and the client decided to give it a try. At the end Max Funding was able to provide much-needed funds to assist the client during a tough time.

Have a scenario? Talk to us now and Max Funding could be the solution for you and your client.

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