Australia has a couple of awesome opportunities when it comes to matters pertaining to property investment. And these opportunities are not just for the locals but also for the overseas citizens who live and work in Australia.

What is an overseas investment loan?

Overseas investment loans are loans aimed at supporting foreign direct investments in Australia. Such loans may be obtained from Australian investors, financial institutions which have equity participation, and overseas Australian affiliates.

With an overseas investment loan, it becomes much easier to invest in Australia than it has ever been. Overseas buyers are able to access such loans swiftly with proper guidance.

An overseas investment loan has a couple of advantages including:

  1. Affordability: With such a loan, you are able to build your second home, retirement home or even holiday home in Australia, even if you were to travel back to your home country for a couple of months before coming back. The next time you come, you will save on the costs involved in renting property.
  2. Easy to finance: The overseas investment loans make it easy for the Australian expat to finance their home. As reforms take root in the Australian banking system, you will want someone who knows the whereabouts of the system so that appropriate financing can be realized.
  3. Live in your own home while living abroad: If you have plans to live in Australia for an extended period, you may not find it viable to rent a house for that period. Investing in property here helps you get rid of the hurdles involved with being a tenant and gives you a chance to truly craft a home out of your house abroad.

Qualify for nonresident home loans in Australia from us is easy

On a yearly basis, thousands of foreign nationals, temporary residents and Australian expats make the decision to purchase a home in Australia. Unfortunately, many of these remain stuck because they fail to understand how the home loan acquisition process works.

That is why we are here for you. Our work is to help you get foreigner mortgage even when you have a bad credit history and limited financial statements.

The advantage that you have with this application is that Australian lenders do not have access to your overseas credit history. As a result, the lenders tend to have their own criteria for determining credit risk.

How much can you borrow as you get ready to build a home? Normally, individuals are able to borrow as much as 80 percent of their property value. There are cases where you may borrow as much as 95% but that is determined by some factors like the status of your current visa.

We are able to get you Australian expat home loans with the following features, which resembles loans extended to normal borrowers:

green tickDecision in 5 minutes

green tickEasy qualify

green tickAn alternative to banks

green tickForeign income is OK

As much as the features of each loan vary from one lender to the other, we are able to get you an overseas investment loan that has flexible policies and one which meets your requirements.

Contact us through any of our channels and we can help you get that important approval!

Can I qualify for an Australian loan?

Yes, you can qualify for an Australian loan. We can help you evaluate the different requirements by various lenders to determine which ones you qualify for.

We can help you make comparisons between different non-resident home loans Australia and their qualification requirements.

Where to get an overseas investment loan?

You can simply get your loans for overseas buyers through us by following 3 uncomplicated steps:

  • Apply online
  • Get your documents verified, and
  • Your loan is transferred

As you fill the loan application form on our site, we ask you basic details which should not be a problem supplying. After you have filled the form online, we will give you an instant response on the Site and then given an opportunity to pursue your international home loans Australia with one of our agents.

Why Max Funding?

We understand the system and are dedicated to fulfilling our mandate, that is, get you the loans for overseas buyers at the best rates possible. We understand how important this is for you hence endeavor to push the limits for your approval.

The fact that we do not ask for complex details and require you to supply an unending list of documents is a testament to our simple processes. Your credit history is not a concern for us so you do not have to worry about that.

What are you waiting for? Click ‘Apply Now’ to continue with your initial steps to owning a home!