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An Alternative to Banks

We have made the application process more friendly to new and small businesses. The lending criteria is easier to qualify. You'll have our decision in 5 minutes.

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FREE, non-committal application

You are free to apply and the application process only takes 5 minutes. For your peace of mind, No Credit Check will be performed for a pre-approval.

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Max Funding offers loans up to $1,000,000. Loan term is flexible to suit your need ranging from 1 to 36 months. Our loans are suitable for all business purpose.

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Bad Credit Considered

We believe you deserve a second chance. By applying with us, we will not only do our best to help you, we can also assist you in rebuilding you credit history.

Information Technology boom in Australia

There has been a rapid growth of Australia's information and communication technology (ICT) industry. The ICT industry is expected to employ more than 722,000 workers in 2022. There is an ongoing strong demand for information technology from businesses to improve their competitiveness. The digital disruption has dramatically changed industries across the Australian economy. In order to seize the golden development opportunities, Information technology business must ensure you have the financial backup for innovation and growth.

More than 85% of businesses in the IT industry are small in size. Small IT businesses often find it hard to fulfill their urgent financial needs. It is hard for small IT business to qualify a loan from the banks. You need to have a good credit history, sufficient revenue and cash flow. Banks also require comprehensive documents like tax return and financial statement to support your application. This process is time-consuming as well, you may lose your opportunity when the loan is still pending.

However, Max Funding is able to provide a tailored finance alternative solution to you. We can provide the funding you need within 24 hours not weeks and months like traditional business lenders. You can complete our online application in under 5 minutes and only limited documents are required.  

Versatile IT loans for businesses in Australia

Operational capital funding to sponsor the development of new software products is highly important in constantly emergent IT industry. Being the sole winner of the rat race in this mushrooming IT sector is the one method to keep the business booming on at full pace. IT loans take care of this by providing the necessary capital at reasonable interest rates.

Funding for app development is another important need for financing an IT corporation. The process of development of a smartphone app is very complex, and involves several stages like development, app testing and app software deployment. This process is not only tedious but also very costly, especially for developers who are talented but not yet established in the software market. Max Funding provides IT loans at affordable interest rates to furnish you with the necessary funding for app development. This enhances the software business of the corporate venture to a great extent.

It is extremely important to keep the IT Company technologically updated in terms of hardware and software equipment. It is impossible to create and develop high quality and innovative software projects if the employees work on outdated apparatus! IT loans come with great service here by funding for the necessary and the latest apparatus.

How can my IT business benefit from Max Funding tailored finance

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Funding New Apps Development

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Launch Marketing campaign

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Upgrade your work computers

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Cover your business overheads

Funding for your IT business growth & development

Competing in the global technology market against established and renowned brands and companies requires capital investment and resources. IT Loans from Max Funding provide the necessary finance to sponsor the marketing of new software products and successfully aid in defeating the larger IT business companies.

Expansion of the IT business is an extremely expensive venture. The cost becomes unaffordable for small-scale business corporations in the Information Technology industry. Once again, IT loans come to the rescue and provide financial aid for the growth and development.