What is corporate finance?

Corporate finance is the division of a company that oversees the financial operation of and within the company.  Commonly, corporate finance focuses on raising money for various projects or ventures but for financial institutions and similar corporations, corporate finance focuses on the analysis of corporate acquisitions and other decisions. 

It is one of the most important subjects in the financial domain as it is deeply rooted in our daily lives. Every single one of us works in big or small corporations, and these corporations raise capital to deploy for productive purposes. The financial calculations and overseeing of this are what forms the basis of corporate finance.

The corporate finance department is also involved with capital investment decisions, alongside other activities.  "Should a proposed investment be made?" and "How should the company pay for it?" are questions commonly asked.

Why do you need corporate finance?

Every business, be it large or small, needs corporate finance. This specific department is created to look after and make decisions that will affect your company's financial health and use its resources to their maximum potential. Without this, a company may be financial chaotic and perhaps make unnecessary or even detrimental financial decisions. A company's capital is limited so their options are limited as to how best to increase profits. This department will make the best with what you have.

How does Max Funding compare with banks?

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