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What is a business overdraft, and how is it a good alternative?

Business overdraft is one of the most common forms of business lending. As a business owner with consistent overheads, invoices, wages and other business expenses, an overdraft account allows you to meet your daily cash flow needs by giving you the option of redrawing credit up to the approved limit at any time. With interest charged only when an overdraft is drawn from the daily limit, business overdrafts offer greater flexibility and affordability compared to traditional business loans offered by banks.

Max Funding has helped thousands of customers. With years of experience in the financial industry, we can help with your business' financial issues. Unlike banks, we will consider applications with less-than-perfect credit histories and sometimes offer unsecured business overdraft.

Best business overdrafts from Max Funding

At Max Funding, we strive to offer our clients quick and stress-free solutions to business cash flow problems. With an overdraft account, your funds can be easily accessed at your discretion without the hassle of standard bank loans. Our specialised team is ready to assist you with your cash flow finance solution, so you can focus on your business endeavors and take your business to the next level.

When they think about unsecured overdrafts, hundreds of Australian’s think of Max Funding. We change the way businesses borrow money. Whether you’re looking for an overdraft for your business or another type of loan product, Max Funding will have the solution that is right for you. Our loans include:

Max Funding is one of Australia’s favourite short-term lenders, and we have won several awards for going that extra mile for our customers. We specialise in flexible short-term loans at affordable interest rates, and we go out of our way to make sure you get the loan you need, even if you have a bad credit history.

Get fast approval today for business overdraft from Max Funding

Applying for pre-approval for your loan is easy. Just enter some basic information to determine your eligibility, and you’ll have your answer in just five minutes. And once you’ve been pre-approved, you have a 90% chance of getting the loan. There is no obligation and no credit checks until you apply, so what are you waiting for? Click on Apply Now and get the ball rolling.

Give your business the lifeline it needs to grow into bigger and better things. Apply online for our business loan now. We’ve facilitated the expansion of many businesses Australia-wide, even businesses that have bad credit - we can help them rebuild their credit history. If a line-of-credit product is right for your business, have a chat with us and we can discuss your options.

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4.8 5

Get approved under 24 hours

I applied online and complete the pre-approval form. I found detailed information about Second mortgage loan option. Quick approval under 24 hours with good interest rate.

5 5

Happy experience with Max Funding

I'm very happy with my experience with Max Funding. The process is fairly easy. Teams were so helpful in explaining the information about a second mortgage loan. Recommend to other people and friends.

5 5

Great choice for Bad credit

I have bad credit history and found it very hard to get a loan elsewhere. But i was approved in under 10 minutes with Max Funding. Good job!

5 5

Max Funding exceeded my expections as a customer

Max Funding made everything comfortable and smooth. Staffs were very patient and helpful. I love how friendly and trustworthy they are with their customers. Interest rate was great, they always kept me happy.

4.7 5

Loans are fast and easy approval

Max Funding was great and their website provided useful and clear information. The loans were approved as fast as they promised.

4.8 5

Seamless experience

The staff is always there to help me whenever I may need them. They help me understand the whole process of a second mortgage loan. Online application is smart and approval is almost instant.

4.9 5

Reputable lender

Max Funding are well known and reputable in providing great business loans to business owner. The experience of getting a second mortgage with Max Funding was quick and easy. I would recommend them to others.

5 5

Excellent and professional

I had a second mortgage with Max Funding and the service was excellent and professional. The process of getting the second mortgage was very straightforward and i was approved in a very short period of time.

4.8 5

Fast service and awesome

I would recommend them to all my friends and other business owners. The service was awesome, cheap and reliable. Very easy to get a second mortgage from Max Funding. Nice work.

4.9 5

Wonderful experience

My experience was wonderful. Minimal paperwork, helful staff and nice interest rate. They have helped me and my family.