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Turn your hobbies into a Profitable Source of Income

Everyone has a hobby. Maybe you haven’t realized what it is yet, and yet the only thing you have to do to find it is to pay attention to this unusual activity you dedicate copious amounts of time without expecting to get nothing but the joy out of doing it. It can be something as simple as reading or as complex as sculpting or painting. You won’t notice until you take a minute to realize it. But let’s get on with the subject at hand! We are not looking to find out what your hobbies are. These lines are for the people who have a clear idea of what they hobbies are and the many ways they can monetize their passions with the support of technology.

Approaching Your Hobby with a Modern Twist

Let’s take a moment dwell into something a little bit personal. Imagine for a minute that you really love something above average and a bit more complex like, say, painting scale models. Now if you where someone new to the hobby the first thing you do is a search for an online tutorial that shows you how it’s done. You’ll probably find a lot of people willing to talk about your passion, but nothing satisfies you in the terms of the knowledge you receive. Once you have mastered a few techniques of your own and receive the proper feedback on the work you do as a model painter you can make a mint out of your hobby by using the right online tools. If you are asking yourself “how” we are glad you asked, read on:

Create a Google Account

A Google account gives you instant access to YouTube and Gmail and both platforms are very useful if you want to capitalize on your passions. If you find a way to make the information you want to pass on attractive, engaging and brief you’ll be set. Why do we make a point out those three specific values for a YouTube video? Because audiences these days have the attention span of a goldfish and the information has to be delivered in such a manner that it leaves them asking for more. The Gmail account will help you handle the requests you’ll be getting after creating an audience.

Use Social Networks

Yeah, this one always scares a lot of people. After all, hobbies are usually related to introverts and people who like to keep themselves private. But if you take a look at the state of the online market these days, more and more people are willing to share the knowledge about their passions and not everyone is doing it right. If you use social networks you’ll be giving everyone who might have the same interest as you an opening to learn more about it and ultimately the company providing your hobby will improve their business while you make some money by promoting them on sites like Facebook or Instagram. It’s a win-win scenario.

Make Webinars and Tutorials

The worst mistake most people make when they engage their hobby using online tools is to think that everyone wants to hear their opinions. Just take a look at the number of reviews about the same product that are posted on YouTube. All of them have the same drawn out issue: They are long, they are over explained and they are not engaging at all because the so-called influencer might have a lot of information but doesn’t really know how to express it. If you manage to develop your own formula to offer information in a succinct fashion, you’ll have half the work done. Don’t stay stranded on an opinion, everyone has one of those! Teach your audience about your hobby, make them learn about the tools and the amount of discipline required to be good at it.

Sell your Services

The only basic truth about all this exercise is that no matter how much you teach your audience, no one is going to be as good as you are. Your unique brand of talent is the one that will sell your services. Because when everything is said and done, if you paint your scale models using a unique technique is not exactly a trade secret you are giving out. It’s your natural talent that puts you in the position to sell them at the value you think your work has. Once you have realized that, you’ll have no problem earning your share of the market.


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