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Small businesses’ effort to reduce health care cost

With the increase in the health care cost for the employers, the small business owners have derived a better way to reduce health care cost. According to Nanci Hellmich of USA Today, the companies are offering wellness program to increase the health of the employees, thereby reducing the health care cost.

Methods used by the companies

The companies offer wellness programs of different types to the employees. They introduce walking program, weight loss plans, medical screening and many other methods. The ACA provides incentives to the companies that provide wellness programs to its employees.

Popular techniques

Some companies pay additional paid leave when the employee, runs a few miles. A medical consulting firm provides one hour of paid leave with every 33,000 steps taken. This time off with the pay is a great motivator for the employees to take up walking, laps or other exercises. The immediate objective of the program is to increase the wellness of the employees. The other effects of healthy employees are mitigation in number of sick leaves, low health care cost and more productivity. For long, the health care cost has been an important expense for many companies and these wellness programs seems to provide more benefits to the employers and the employees. The risk of a few diseases is also concentrated in the screening process.

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