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Juggling Business Costs and Cash Flow

Whether you own a struggling or growing business, managing the cash flow in an effective manner is really important, and sometimes it becomes key to survival of the business. Here are some ways in which you can manage business costs and cash flow.

  1. Plan ahead

It doesn’t help to come to know in down season about the fact that you cannot survive until the things start to lift up. Forecast your cash flow for coming year. In case, if it’s hard that you predict the sales, all outgoings should be completed first, and figure out what sales will be required for covering the outgoings. This way, you’ll have a target to meet at least. Always keep looking for ways for cutting costs and improving the revenue. Something should be done about someone or something that doesn’t boost income or save money.

  1. Pay and get paid using credit cards

It is advisable to make use of credit card payments usually for conducting business. It can be done in two ways easily. Payments can be accepted from the customers through credit card by utilizing ‘PayPal merchant account, for instance. Also, payments can be made online to the suppliers through the business credit card that you have.

  1. Use automated billing

Online payment service can be found through which you can send invoices to customers quickly. If e-payments are accepted on the company website, payments can even be received through online bill payment service offered by the customer’s bank. Or even credit card payments can be accepted.

  1. Installment payment options should be created

For keeping more amount of cash flowing in your business account, you should accept payments on monthly basis from the customers. This can be really helpful when you have small businesses or families as your customers. They’d, in fact, love such a payment arrangement. Due to the lower monthly costs, it will encourage your customers to spend even more on the services and products that you are offering.

  1. Keep looking for ways to improve revenue or cut costs

You should look for ways that will help you bring some improvement in your revenue or simply cut the costs of business operations. Review the suppliers, get rid of the 10 worst customers, and phase out the service lines or products which do not fully contribute. This will certainly help you achieve your goals and make things better for your business.


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