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You cannot redo your retirement planning after starting your retirement phase. It is not a bankruptcy where there is another chances to restructure things. There are a lot of costly money related mistakes which people commit, when it comes to their retirement planning. These mistakes would sometimes force them to retire without any funds or rely on a very small nest for their entire life.

Relying on pension

Do not rely on your pension as the base income. You need to invest a considerable amount of money in other vehicles like the stock market, assets and others. If you are not comfortable in playing with stock market, do not risk your money. The basic objective is to save money for your retirement apart from the pension.

Many retirement accounts

Having many retirement accounts in different institutions would not help. It is better to use one financial institute and put your money in one account. This would help you to examine how much you have, how much to save and whether you are doing it right. If your funds are scrambled in different places, you might not be able to get hold of it, easily.

Borrow from the retirement fund

May it be credit card debt or the home loan or even your payday loan, your retirement fund is not a way to pay back your debts. The most common mistake which people do when it comes to the retirement fund is that they use it for their kid’s student loan.

Same old plan

If you have started to save for your retirement from the age of 30, you cannot stick to the same school of thought, till the end. You need to revise your planning and saving methods, every year according to the laws, inflation and other changes. Do not have the same tax plans as you had, a few decades ago. There are a lot of changes that are reforming the retirement fund and it is time to upgrade your knowledge about it.

If possible, it is better to get financial guidance in terms of where to invest, how much to save, how to avoid taxes, how to take care of the inflation and creating a better retirement nest. The financial advice can be sought from your parents, friends with strong retirement policies and also from people who are successful in their retirement phase. Remember that you should have some kind of private income to support your retirement nest, after the retirement phase starts.


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