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Placing the Right Value on Labour

Congratulations!  You got your new business licence and you are ready to start hiring.  Oh dear, now you have to decide what to pay your staff.  How do you do that and make it both fair to your employees and still keep yourself profitable?

8 Tips to Get a Business Cash

Cash flow management is very essential to keep business running. Having a positive cash flow will ensure revenue generation. You can follow a few simple tips to regulate your cash flow. These will help you maintain the money flow inwards rather than outwards.

5 Tips and Ideas for New Investors

New investors have hundreds of opportunities, the global economy had opened the world’s financial markets, and the excellent telecommunication networks increase the places you can reach from your home for selling or buying goods as well as for investing in any kind of business you want.

How to Get a Business Loan in Australia

Getting a business loan in Australia is very easy but you need to take some steps to maximize your odds to get it approved in your first application, and receiving the money as soon as possible to take full advantages of the business deal you have planned or the investment opportunity, which will make grow your business.