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8 Tips to Finance Your Business


No matter at what stage your business is, you’ll always be in need of finance to carry on with your business operations. Here are some tips and options you should consider for getting finance for your business. 

Invoice financing

Some also call it debtors finance. The term invoice financing refers to a situation when businesses sell their accounts receivables to third parties, known as factor, in the bid to get cash without having to wait for a couple of months for getting payment from the customer. The invoice is paid directly by the customer to factor companies. Cost of such services actually depends on the companies you’re resorting to in order to get the cash and it’s always important to do your research on the costs prior to the agreement.


It means to buy goods for the business using store credit through finance company. Higher rates of interests can be attracted by store cards; however, a period free of interest may be offered by some retailers.

Finance companies

Finance products are offered by most of the finance companies through retailers. They can be used for getting necessary finance for your business.

Private investors

These are usually the wealthy individuals that may be interested in providing you with considerable finance for your business if you trade it for equity as well as share in profits.

Crowd funding

It refers to raising capital with collective efforts from several people, basically using crowd funding or social media platforms. This option allows you to get good amount of cash by exchanging equity, or a small amount of cash by exchanging first-run product.

Government assistance

Mostly, government assistance offered to business comes as low cost or free advisory services, guidance or information. But you might also get some grant under specific circumstances, like business expansion, innovation, R & D, or exporting.



Reinvesting profits

While growing the business one shouldn’t take excessive cash from sources out of business personally. When a business is at its early stage, it should only use its profits for growing itself and the drawings should be kept to minimum.


Many non-profits and private companies are there which can provide you small loans for promoting your startup, especially if you do not qualify for the bank financing.  

So, if you are in need of some quick finance for your business, you can get it through any of the abovementioned sources.


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