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7 Stepping Stones to Success

Striving for excellence in the field of work is really important to feel genuinely satisfied with your life. Everyone wants their businesses or careers to see a boom and for us to become financially secure. So, let’s take a look at 7 stepping stones to success that help us in our career growth as well as in achieving excellence.


1. Be committed

Becoming passionately committed to excellence turns out to be a basic step in your growth. You can’t just say that you want to achieve excellence and then just don’t show any kind of commitment to achieve it. No matter if you’re an entrepreneur, employer, business owner or just an employee, commitment is the key for achieving excellence in the field that you have chosen.

2. Keep learning to empower yourself

Continuous learning is important if you’re committed to achieving excellence. Acquire new skills by learning about them through books as well as attending seminars and workshops. Get feedback from your customers, clients, supervisors, employees and co-workers. Keep assessing yourself while on the lookout for major skills which you need to improve.

3. Use networking to get even better

You can tell people about particular ways in which you can be helpful for them in meeting their requirements. Tell them exactly how your product or service is special for them. Ensure that your interactions remain spontaneous and light-hearted, however.


4. Communicate powerfully

While interacting with your co-workers, make sure that you communicate in a powerful manner and your focus should be on ALC i.e. Ask-Listen-Clarify. You should ask questions for determining what others need and want. Listen to them emphatically and understand what they have to say. Finally, clarify what others said by repeating and rephrasing it.

5. Take responsibility

If you make any mistakes, you should accept them and take the responsibility. Don’t blame others or the situation you were in as that will only encourage you to repeat same errors over and over again.

6. Find people you can trust

Trustworthy people who can sort out the situations with you are definitely an important stepping stone to success. So, find support whom you can trust and who can help you in processing different situations.

7. Maintain mental, spiritual, and physical fitness

Healthy body is always helpful in maintaining healthy mind. Your spiritual strength helps to nourish your body as well as your mind. Get rid of adversities by maintaining your spiritual as well as physical fitness.

Finance Expert, Writer, Entrepreneur

Tammy Richards is a passionate finance expert who is also a writer and business owner. With over 10 years of experience as a finance expert, Tammy wants to share her knowledge with her readers.

Tammy covers and simplifies a range of financial topics, including how start-ups can raise capital and how established businesses can grow successfully. It is clear that she is firmly on the side of Australian small business owners.
Tammy keeps her fingers on the pulse of financial updates. Through her articles, she regularly shares the latest tips and traps around financial products such as business loans and credit cards. She also delivers her information in an easily consumable and interesting way.

Tammy is a keen advocate of promoting financial literacy. She aims to educate small business owners by providing financial insights into common financial problems that businesses face.

“More than anything, I am enthusiastic about using my experience to help Australian small business owners to achieve their financial and business goals,” she says.

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