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5 Ways To Reduce Your Office Utility Bills

If you are finding it hard to cope with your business expenses then you must be willing to find out ways for reducing your office utility bills. Here are some of the best options that you can try to achieve this goal of yours.

Seal & insulate

One of your most basic options for reducing the cooling and heating costs is creating the environment which is not affected too much by outdoor temperature and one which also keeps artificially cooled or heated air inside. Creating a reliable barrier between outside and inside environments can allow you to achieve that little goal and save on your cooling or heating bills.

Keep those vents clean and open

Those who have central heating or air con systems believe that if air vents are kept closed it will help in keeping cooled or heated air inside. However, it may prevent the system to work properly. Air filters should be replaced regularly for maintaining ideal airflow. If the vents are kept closed, extra cash is being spent on cooling the outside air.

Opt for light bulbs that are energy efficient

Light bulbs like halogen incandescent, CFLs and LEDs are designed to use almost 25% to 80% less energy as compared to conventional incandescent and it certainly helps in cutting down your office utility bills to a great extent.

Shop for bundles

There is an increasing trend on part of telecom companies and that is to provide different bundles to the business customers so that the customers stick to them by getting discounted prices on bundles. There are different packages offered by almost all the major companies and they often combine the phone line discounts with mobile phone and broadband plans for businesses and they can have everything from just one provider to cut their business costs. Also, these bundles should be kept under constant review allowing you to get best possible discounts if other providers offer them.

Turn to VoIP calls

If you make use of the VoIP technology then you can simply make business calls locally as well as overseas for free. Skype as well as the FaceTime facility from apple allow for free voice and video calls and you can take advantage of them reserving the business landline only to short conversations and avoid those costly calls made to the suppliers, clients or other offices.


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