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5 Tips to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

With the arrival of summer comes the inevitable heat wave which forces homeowners to ramp up their air conditioners to the max, pushing their power bills into the red. However, there are many alternatives to air conditioning, and many augments which can be used in tandem with air conditioning to cool down houses during the scorching summer heat. These alternatives allow homeowners to not only keep their houses cool but also let them cut their power bills.

  1. Get more shade for the windows

One of the simplest methods of keeping a house cool in the summer is one which is most often overlooked for aesthetic reasons. The simplest way to keep the house cooler is to simply get more shade on the windows. Shades can be external and may look bulky, but they get the job done. Shades have been shown to cut down the heat inside homes by a significant margin, making them the most sensible thing to do in order to get a house cooled down during the summer.

  1. Use fans in tandem with air conditioners

Although air conditioners work fine on their own, they will most of the times consume huge amounts of electricity and if the house is not small enough the air conditioning may not be able to cope with the heat during the height of summer. Therefore, the simple solution to this problem is to use them in tandem with fans.

  1. Get insulation for the house

An important part of any home’s construction is the installation of insulation. If a house is not insulated it will get significantly hotter than the one with insulation. Getting insulation is also cost effective as the cost of getting it done is always balanced by the cost saving of the insulation in power bills due to lower air conditioning required.

  1. Get cracks and gaps sealed to keep the draughts out

An important, and much overlooked, reason for homes growing noticeably hotter in summer is the draught factor. Studies show that homes can grow as much as 15% hotter just because of the draughts which get into the house through the cracks. So the cracks in the house should be mended before the hot summer season rolls in.

  1. Get landscaping done correctly

Homeowners can also work outside their house to keep the house cooler. Landscaping done the right way plays a major role in keeping homes cooler in the heat waves of summer. Plants that provide shade to the roof and the main structure should be used along with small shrubs that shade the windows, etc. in order to keep the house cooler.


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