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5 Tips for Writing Your Business Brochure

Marketing your business requires you to reach everywhere you can but no matter how hard you might try, you can be in just one place on any given instant. However, it’s your business brochure that can reach everywhere you want it to and will help you in influencing both existing and potential customers. Effective business brochures clearly outline what a business is all about and what’s on offer for its customers. So, it’s vital for a business brochure to be written and designed effectively to make the most out of it. Here are some tips to consider in this regard.

  1. Understand the customers

Prior to getting on with the technical work, having a clear understanding of the customers you intend to target is the key. What’s in it for them? Determine most significant benefits that your product or service can deliver to the target customers. You can conduct a quick market research for getting the answers to all the important questions that will help you understand the customers better.

  1. Include graphics and headlines to grab attention

Average readers spend no more than just 5 seconds for taking a glance at brochures and marketing materials before they decide they should read it or not. If you don’t have any interesting graphics or headlines on your brochure’s cover then you can only expect your brochures to land in trash. So, think carefully and include some attention grabbers on the cover page.

  1. Do not confuse your readers

People are often tempted to stuff their brochures with lots of information. However, it does nothing good and only confuses the readers while diluting the main points that you intend to target. The focus should be on what the target audience will find interesting and how accurately they can be able to understand your offering.

  1. Include call-to-action

You should not assume that the audience simply fall for your services or products and will contact you immediately after taking a look at your brochure. Call-to-action is one of the most important things an effective brochure needs to have. It could be anything like free sample, estimate or even a gift.

  1. Add contact details

Make sure that you allow the readers to contact you easily. Include the business name, website URL, and contact number in a prominent place. Adding Google+ or Facebook business pages is also a good idea.


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