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5 Things when using Social Media for Business

It would be silly for anyone running a small business in the 21st century to not use social media as part of their business marketing projects. It is a very easy and convenient form of advertising that has the potential to yield huge rewards.

However, this is the exact reason why any company need to be aware of the existing laws of conduct and advertising through social media. Any company who do not abide by these laws may face serious legal issues with consumer protection laws.

The biggest issue companies may face when advertising online is the engagement of misleading, deceptive or false advertising of their products or services.

Below are some tips for your business when advertising online, in order to avoid any legal issues:

  1. Choose your advertisements carefully

The most common issue companies face when advertising online is advertisements that are interpreted in the wrong way by a consumer. You must ensure that all words, sentences, statements are true, accurate and cannot be interpreted in any other way besides how you intended.

  1. Be aware what your employees post online, especially using your business’ name

Be sure to construct a clear social media policy or guidelines for your employees to ensure they are aware of what they can and cannot post on social media under the business’s name. if your employees do post something onto social media which does not abide by the laws, ultimately your business will be held liable.

  1. Promotion of Special Events and Offers

Online competitions and special offers are a great and easy way to build an audience base for your product, as it is often very popular amongst everyday people.

It is a very effective way to push your company name out to the public, however, there are strict guidelines with conducting these competitions, and you must ensure that you clearly disclose any terms and conditions with your competition.

  1. Confidentiality

When using social media, you must comply with consumer privacy laws and ensure confidentiality. Your employees must be aware of this as well, they must not disclose any personal information from your consumers, and any confidential information about your business.

  1. Language and Tone in your Advertisements

Because of the great potential and reach of social media, and the power of it to spread easily throughout the world, one must be careful not to contain any offensive and/or discriminatory language. Many things go viral in the online world, whether it’d be for a good reason or a bad one.


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