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10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia


If you’re an Australian or want to start a career in Australia, you must be interested in finding out the top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia.

Here is a list that features these jobs along with what you can expect to earn with them.

  1. Surgeons

Surgeons are the highest paid practitioners in Australia with their average yearly salary reaching $361,202. It is definitely the most desirable profession in Australia.

  1. Anesthetists

People who belong to this profession make $319,033 a year on average. This certainly makes this profession the second most highly paid one in Australia.

  1. Internal medicine specialists

These specialists are 3rd on the list with their overwhelming $263,601 income each year. Their hourly wage is $88 which is definitely a handsome amount.

  1. Financial dealers

Those who deal in finance field are placed fourth on the list of highest paid people in Australia. If you are going to choose this profession, you can expect to make $60.80 an hour. However, the overall yearly figure for financial dealers is $219,213.

  1. Legal profession

Those practicing law in Australia are 5th on this list with $192,189 as their average yearly income. This really is some serious money and you can have a great and powerful life by pursuing this profession in Australia.

  1. Psychiatrists

If you are a psychiatrist, you have a bright future in Australia. On average, psychiatrists make $186,778 in a year. They are amongst the respected and highly paid people in Australia. The demand for psychiatrists is also high in the Australian medical facilities.

  1. Mining engineers

Though not the most ideal amongst the list of professions, it still is a very lucrative one. Mining engineers make an average of $166,410 in Australia every year.

  1. CEOs & managing directors

Even though these jobs are amongst the most sought after jobs, they are still placed low down this list. On average, these people make $152,364 every year.

  1. General medical practitioners

Those who are the general medical practitioners are also paid well in Australia. If you are planning a career as general medical practitioner then you can expect to earn $144,498 per annum.

  1. Crane & lift operators

Those working as crane & lift operators in Australia also make handsome amount of money every year. They earn around $142592 a year on average.

These are the 10 highest paying jobs in Australia. Plan your career now in any of these fields and make the most of your potential.


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