Merchant Cash Advance Loans With Competitive Rates

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What is Merchant Cash Advance Loans?

All businesses need cash. Merchant Cash Advance differs from traditional loan products and is best suited those businesses earning income through EFTPOS, like restaurants, convenient stores, supermarkets, etc. It is designed for those established businesses which have a high cash flow, but low cash on hand. A Merchant Cash Advance loan is when the Lender purchases the business' future cash flows. It is a large amount of cash deposited into your business to boost your business' current cash flow, while repaying the cash advance using your future cash flow of the business, helping you to walk out of financial difficulty.

The right Cash Advance Loan can provide a quick-fix solution to your financial needs, without having to wait on a bank for approval or paying too much in interest from a high-risk lender. A Merchant Cash Advance Loan from Max Finance gives you fast, convenient access to the cash you need, with the whole process able to be completed online, from application to settlement.

Merchant cash loans are becoming more popular in recent times. This is due to the fact that they are unlike most other loan products, which require at least a motor vehicle or real estate property to be used against the loan, Merchant Advance Loans are usually secured by your future cash flow, and thus no assets are required in order to obtain the loan. The Merchant Cash Advance Loan has a very short turnaround time, and thus, are very useful for those businesses looking for urgent cash flow support. Here at Max Funding, our team is devoted to finding the most appropriate funding solution for your business needs, ensuring you are able to resolve any financial situation as soon as possible.

Why choose Max Funding for Cash Advance Loans?

Merchant Cash Advance Loans from Max Funding offers:

  • A competitive interest rate
  • Fast application and 5-minute Pre-Approval
  • Instant business loans
  • A repayment term that suits your capability
  • A fair, even if you have a bad credit history

It may be because you’ve just received an unexpected bill for business or because you aren’t able to make payments until pay day; whatever the reason, the Merchant Cash Advance Loans from Max Funding is the perfect way to tide you over until you’re back on your feet again.

Go to the bank and ask for a loan and you will not only be swamped with paperwork, but you will probably have to wait at least a couple of weeks for an answer, which doesn’t help when you need cash in hurry. And if you’ve got a poor credit history, your chances of approval from a bank are fairly thin.

Talk to Max Funding on the other hand and we’ll give you an online pre-approval decision in just five minutes. Pre-Approval speeds up the application process by determining your eligibility upfront. By answering a couple of questions, we can tell right away whether you can afford a loan and have the ability to pay it back in the time frame. Statistics show that once you’ve been Pre-Approved, you have a 90% chance of securing the loan.

Applying for a loan with us is as simple as filling out a short application form, sending us a few basic documents to verify your income and assets, and E-Signing the document. Once approved, your money will be direct-deposited into your bank account normally on the same day.

It’s the way lending should be fast, affordable loans without all the hassle and red tape.

Contact us today and get your business cash advance today!

Simply apply through our 5-minute Pre-Approval form online, and you will give an instant indication on the most suitable loan product for you and your business. If our loan products are not suitable, there is no obligation to follow through with an application. Max Funding offers a wide range of business funding products, with great flexibility to enable you to excel your business to where you want it to be. Whether it’s a Refinancing Loan, Franchise Loans, Caveat Loans or Bridging Finance, Max Funding makes it easy and you can apply online from anywhere at any time. So click on Apply Now and let us take care of the rest!

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