Max Funding vs. Banks

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With years of experience, Max Funding understands the hassle of jumping through the hoops just to apply for a business loan at a bank, let alone the wait time for getting an approval. Let us do the comparison and be prepared to experience the difference!

Logo The Banks
Loan amount
Borrow as little as $1,000 or as much as $500,000+ Can't borrow less than $50,000
Application process
Easy application process with a decision in 5 minutes, anytime, anywhere Tiring process and excessive paperwork-usually takes weeks for a result
Small business and new business friendly, bad credit considered Business must be established for two years+ with extensive proof of profitability.
Flexible to fit your budget Fixed large repayments
Receive money as fast as the same day
Yes No
No financials statements
Yes No
No tax return/BAS
Yes No
Transparent cost
Yes Yes
Designed for small businesses
Yes No

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