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Max Funding loves helping retail stores. We can provide funding that allows you to start your own store, expand the store, or solve any urgent problems.

Case Study

Clothing storePurchasing stocks


Howard is a clothing store owner with a strong fashion sense. He got news that there are stocks that were available at a very low price because the previous buyer was not able to pay the price in full. Howard had a look at the stock, and knows that it would be a big hit in the next season. However, the problem is that he does not have enough cash in hand to pay for the stock.


Howard knows that he needs the cash quickly, and he successfully received a loan from Max Funding in just one working day. He was able to purchase the stocks at a very low price and, as he predicted, the stocks became a big hit next season, earning him a fortune.

Sporting storeImproving a business


Miles is a sport stores owner. His business has never been doing well, and he is looking to change that. He sees the Olympics as his chance to change, as many people would purchase Olympic items during that period. However, he spent all his money on other sporting goods, and does not have any extra money to purchase new stocks.


Miles knows it is the only chance he can get his business back on track, so he got a loan from Max Funding to purchase Olympic items. Which successfully drove a lot of people into his store, increasing the sales.

Case study for illustration purpose only*